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IBM Q www = world war III

‘The time of the ‘great crossing’ was seen as a time of great change and possibilities — And so there were many ‘insertions’ into this particular segment of time/space for this was/is the crucial time/moment/juncture where much could and was accessed, from those that would claim this time/moment as theirs, to own and control and re-write to their own purposes. Meet… Continue reading IBM Q www = world war III

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Nothing can stop what is coming. P.A.I.N

Rod Rosenstein makes a couple interesting references in his resignation letter -Robert H Jackson -Edward Levi -Thomas Paine I don’t think these individuals were quoted by happenstance. Robert H Jackson was the Chief US Prosecutor at the Military Tribunal in Nuremberg which was the prosecution of Nazi war criminals Jackson opened the… Continue reading Nothing can stop what is coming. P.A.I.N

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All Roads Lead to Rome

1/7 STRANGE COINCIDENCES - Two different investigations, one in Italy and the other in the US. Same people, same places and same factual elements: FBI, politicians, law enforcement, intelligence, the US Embassy in Rome and most of all: emails and cyber crimes!!! 2/7 Furthermore, both inquiries involve the same names, the same actors who know… Continue reading All Roads Lead to Rome

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Five the statistical probability factor

1. 2019 April - Tennessee 2. 2016 Nov. - Seattle, Wa. 3. 2016 March Pa. 4. Kansas/Mossouri March 2016 5. Pa. June 2018 6. Md. June 2018 7. Fla. July 2017 8. W. Va. Dec. 2014 9. Fla. Jan. 2019 10. La. Jan. 2019. 11.… Continue reading Five the statistical probability factor

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Targeted Individuals

Today an individual is quoted as saying 'World leaders' encouraged him to run in the #2020 presidential race in America. A year ago the most watched US local, state, national and international news media informed the world that Russia was engaged in activity to influence the 2016 election. We now know less than two dozen… Continue reading Targeted Individuals

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Mantid cave art

Mantis or Mantids, are often associated in UFO contact cases. They are beings who may be a type of chimera. They were depicted on Rock Art spread across Southern Africa. Such rock hard evidence and oral tradition seemingly shows that the mantis have had an integral part of Human civilisation for thousands of years. Some… Continue reading Mantid cave art

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Autism is treatable naturally pt.3 – Sara

Lutein is a carotenoid pigment that makes the 'yellow spot' on the retina of the eye. If the immune system adapts to remove lutein, it would cause something called 'scotopic sensitivity syndrome', or sensitivity to the blue-violet light spectrum that the yellow spot blocks out. In the non-autistic person, that yellow spot provides the visual… Continue reading Autism is treatable naturally pt.3 – Sara