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The Ancients – The Mantids ‘Guardians of the Light’

'Answers came through the eyes of the Mantids, remote viewing at the microscopic level' The Ancients - The Mantids ‘Guardians of the Light’ “The Mantis are assisting, and in many ways overseeing, the Zeta Reticulan hybrid program, and human spiritual advancement project. Like the Zetas, they were asked by Galactic Councils to participate. They are… Continue reading The Ancients – The Mantids ‘Guardians of the Light’

Cumberland Academy

FOX 10 – The event horizon

Now that we have DECLAS and confirmation the CIA has used media to hide the truth, control the narrative and wield power without consequence the best minds have forewarned: UFO - the event horizon. Interesting in-depth read on how Ellen Degeneres has been purposefully working with the state department and the CIA to push a… Continue reading FOX 10 – The event horizon