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WCAPWCAP is dedicated to develop the programs internationally that lead to breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of autism’

Sara’s Diet –

The Nutritional approach to autism

This 24 page article is full of information on the lutein-free diet (Sara’s Diet) program for Autism, providing a wealth of information on the biological nature of autism, how behavior complexes develop, why autists have feeding issues, and how to start a lutein-free diet program using an understanding of nutrition, based on carefully selected nutrient-rich foods.

Introduction to Sara’s Diet

Sarah, aged 22 years

This is the story of Sarah:
our adopted daughter who recovered from autism.

Metamorphosis – a poem by Mary Ann Opp

Out of a dark place of impossibility
and untold loneliness
there now is Love
and a flower . . .
named Sara

‘It is the strength of the adaptability of the organism which results in it’s capacity for survival.’

Autism and G.O.D. (Generation of Diversity)
In this series of articles, now published as one file, Cumberland Academy authors Max and Sandra Desorgher investigate the dark agendas of Vaccination, Morgellons Disease and Artificial Intelligence and it’s roots in cosmic events, wars and disasters going back for thousands of years.

Faced with this environmental onslaught, humanity is undergoing fast-track evolution. Autism is an adaptation for species survival.

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Autism, the ‘Light Children’ and the Transformation of Humanity

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‘We are on the cusp of enormous changes in our world . . . autism is a marker for something extraordinary happening in the human species – a consciousness shift and the emergence of children with extraordinary gifts. Autism is a very complex and multi-facetted disorder. In its presentation it can vary from severely disabling to manifestions of genius. One type is known as Asperger Syndrome, and is associated with very high IQ, artistic, mathematical and musical genius. ‘

Healing and recovery in a holistic, therapeutic and natural Environment

‘Since 1997, World Community Autism Program has been dedicated to develop projects that lead to a breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of autism.
Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed the power of recovery through special diet, nutritional and healing programs.

WCAP plans to create therapeutic recovery centers around the world where families get all the support they need to let go of the trauma of autism diagnosis in an educational, supportive and natural environment. As a ‘Transitional Holistic Community’ Cumberland Academy aims to provide such an environment where people on the autism spectrum can recover, heal, learn and grow, realizing their full potential.’

The Power of Exile – our journey into autism recovery

This unique book chronicles our journey into unlocking the secrets of this condition known as autism and its transformational effects on humanity.

The Power of Exile: Autism, a Journey to RecoveryThe story develops as Sara is transformed to a child who, at the age of 11 and within weeks of starting a Special Diet program, no longer shows the signs of autism or mental retardation. Sara emerges as a ‘social butterfly’, as Sandra’s discoveries lead to a new and controversial therapy and a new understanding of autism.

The Enteric Nervous System (Solar Plexus) in Human Design System and Autism

‘The complexity of the solar plexus with its millions of waves broadcasting biochemical information at millions of different frequencies, we are seeing the emergence of biochemistry as a ‘language of light’, with each molecule having its own light signature, and the evolving immune system of the ‘New Children’ beginning to recognize molecules by their light signal rather than their amino acid structure (antibodies).

In these Children, the enteric immune system is evolving to define the light signature of lutein as ‘non-self’. A being that defines ‘self’ and ‘not-self’ by light signature rather than amino acid can no longer be seen as biological in nature, but as a ‘light being’.

Autism – the way out of crisis

Our experience of working in many different settings worldwide is that the institutions where autistic children are cared for and educated, and the social service system designed to administrate their care, are collapsing under the burden of this ever increasing and tremendously challenging population.

Psychology and behavioral psychology falls short of treating the cause of these ‘behavioral problems’ (or symptoms). The daily media coverage of increasing murder and suicides in families facing the challenge of raising children diagnosed with the conditions which result in behavioral crisis is leading to demands for answers. The demand for answers.