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Message from the Ancients – April 25th 2017

Message from the Ancients – April 25th 2017

This recording was part of a series of recordings made early in 2017 as Sandra was coming out of a dream state. Max began to realize she was not fully awake and also that she did not remember what she had said. He began to record the information. This lasted for about three weeks.

Transcript of recording

The seeker’s question: What is the ark of Gabriel?

Answer: It is a capacitor which will and can reduce the structure of the soulbearing entities to their atomic structure, to crystals and to compounds: sodium chloride, silicon dioxide, and the Ark of Gabriel has been used and the history is available to the seeker.

Question: Is it used as a weapon of war?

Answer: Only if sanctioned.

Question: Are there evil people who are in possession of this?

Answer: Not possible.

Question: Does it pose a danger to humanity?

Question: Can war be prevented?

Answer: Yes

A small number of soul-bearing bodies may be taken to protect the humanity, struck down, prevented from interfering. It is a battle. Humanity has harmed humanity. It is protected. Its location is protected. That is what prevents it from being used for harm.

Message to the seeker:– The people of Israel are not the Government mind control of Israel. The people will be protected.

What you understand to be abduction will be the removal of the people from Israel before it is laid to waste and the corrupt are reduced to ashes. There will be some loss at that time. It is unavoidable.

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