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Sandra and I are Herbalife Distributors with our own website where you can order from us directly and the products are delivered to your door from the Herbalife warehouse:–

One of the Herbalife Products we use is called Cell Activator, so I am researching the active ingredients to understand how this supplement could be beneficial to people.

It’s first listed ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg per serving).
Lipoic acid is an enzymatic “cofactor” essential for mitochondrial function. Lipoic acid maintains biochemical reactions within mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that are important for producing cellular energy. These enzymes are vital for transforming foods in the form of sugars, proteins, and fats into usable cellular energy called adenosine triphosphate or ATP.

Here is a good article about it’s benefits in mitochondrial function and how supplemental lipoic acid protects vital cellular energy while shielding against and possibly reversing damaging effects of disorders that include #diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, and cancer.

*** Lipoic Acid Preserves Critical #Mitochondrial Function — Dramatic Impact On Diabetes-Related Disorders ***

“For many years, scientists have researched how lipoic acid affects insulin sensitivity and the severity of diabetes-related disorders, including heart disease, stroke, glaucoma, neuropathic pain, and kidney disease.

Significant research into lipoic acid has centered on its benefits in diabetic neuropathy. Affecting up to around two out of every three people with diabetes, neuropathy is nervous system damage that can produce unbearable pain in the legs and feet. It eventually contributes to the damage of surrounding blood vessels in the lower limbs that results in circulatory impairment. Amputation is sometimes the only way to end the rampant infections and ulcers that accompany reduced blood flow to the lower limbs caused by neuropathy.

Despite years of research, a cure for diabetic neuropathy remains elusive. However, doctors in Germany have used lipoic acid for more than a decade to reduce pain and inflammation in those suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

*** Over 15 randomized clinical studies have shown that intravenous administration of 300-600 mg of lipoic acid a day greatly improves nerve function and relieves pain symptoms in diabetic neuropathy patients ***

Lipoic acid is well tolerated and effective for prolonged use at 600 mg per day (equivalent to 300 mg of R-lipoic acid)—a level that noticeably improves muscle function and stops further impairment in movement.

Lipoic acid’s benefits in diabetic neuropathy—and in diabetes as a whole—arise from its striking ability to dramatically improve glucose control and restore insulin sensitivity.

*** In a recent placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers found that after only 6 months of lipoic acid supplementation, patients with type II diabetes had reduced fasting blood glucose and lowered levels of oxidized lipids ***

Lipoic acid increases the abundance of other protective antioxidants while improving mitochondrial function and preventing glycation-induced damage in the kidney and blood vessels of those with diabetes—thus defending against diabetic kidney disease, vision loss, and vascular dysfunction.

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