The Human Design System

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What is Human Design – by Max Desorgher

Human Design is a unique and original system of self-knowledge, that first appeared in 1987. Human Design demonstrates that each human born on earth is a unique being, with a unique ‘Design’ that can be discovered and understood using the knowledge tools that Human Design provides.

max chart
My Human Design Chart

Calculating your design

Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart, which contains all the information you need to decode your individual design.

A free chart can be obtained from Jovian Archive, one of the many information portals for human design teachings.

Ra Uru Hu

Encounter with the Voice – a video tetimony by Ra Uru Hu

ENCOUNTER with the VOICE – In 1987 Ra had a transformational awakening when a VOICE penetrated his skull. Over a period of 10 days he was taught the foundations of HUMAN DESIGN, the mechanics of the MAIA.

Series of articles on Human Design and the Rave I Ching:–

Human Design Basics — Defined and Open

About the Author:

Max in Nepal
Max Desorgher, visiting Nepal

I have been on a knowledge quest my whole life. I am a healer, writer, teacher, counselor, artist, poet and world traveler. I met Ra Uru Hu in 1997 and learned Human Design directly from him. If you are seeking insight into your own Design, or want to learn more about the Human Design System and the Revelations of Ra Uru Hu, you can book a consultation here:–

or contact me at:

I met my present wife and partner Sandra in 1997

and started World Community Autism Program

We are inspired forever in all we do by our friend and mentor Sarah.
Sarah001Sarah emerged from the conditions of autism to become an intelligent, positive and delightful person with a great sense of humor who loved life and was loved by many people. She loved swimming, eating out at restaurants, reading, travelling. She liked to watch the food and travel channels on TV as well as going out to the movies. Our testimony to Sarah on the WCAP website

‘When I first met Sandra and Sarah was in 1997, when I traveled to America to find out more about these people who were already legends in the autism world. We asked her one day while we were coming back from Charlotte, NC from visiting a family with an autistic child: ‘do you want to stay in Morganton, or do you want to travel with Max and I and teach people about autism’, she said she wanted to come with us, and that is what happened.

She gave such hope to so many families. It was her work as much as ours that helped us to reach out to so many families around the world because she was always so positive and relaxed and happy always wanting to reach out to people, she showed that you can experience these conditions, go through so much suffering, and yet come out of it with a greater love for humanity and a greater passion for life.’

I have had the privilege to work with some of the greatest teachers, including Ruth White, Ra Uru Hu and Dr. J.J. Hurtak, and am a follower of the work of Nassim Haramein, David Wilcock, and many others.

Cumberland Academy

My vision of establishing a healing community that is also a center of learning, is called Cumberland Academy, a transformative education center and Transitional Holistic Community, based on a dream Sandra had right after we met.

My work in Guidance uses the Human Design System as a key to understanding your unique path and calling. I have been writing books, blogs and articles on human design autism and Ascension for 20 years: