Cumberland Academy, Human Design and the Rave I Ching

Human Design Basics — Defined and Open

“I remember many, many years ago when I was doing a lecture for medical health people. They wanted to know the obvious question, does it mean that all disease, all these problems are in the openness. I said oh, no, most of the illness today is the dysfunction in what is defined.” Ra Uru Hu

The 9-centered being

In Human Design, the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching are mapped onto the 64 Gates of the Rave Body Graph, a representation of the emerging New Humanity as a 9-Centered Being.

The 64 Gates of the Rave I Ching

Here we see the 4 Gates of the ‘Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix’ — 55-59-34-20 — mapped onto their positions on the body graph.

The Solar Plexus with Gate 55 defined:–

The Design Crystal and the Personality Crystal

The Earth has a crystal polarity. There is a vast design crystal bundle in the center of the Earth, and a consciousness field of personality crystal that surround the Earth.

At conception, a design Crystal is drawn up into the womb from the Center of the Earth, and this begins the process of creating the body form.

At 88 solar degrees before birth (88 days approx.) a Personality Crystal is drawn down out of the Consciousness field and into the newly created body form, and the unique individual life begins. At this moment the Design Crystal is “defined”, or fixed by the exact positions of the Sun, Moon, 9 planets, and the North and South Nodes of the Moon on the 64 Gate ‘Rave I Ching’.

Just as each Hexagram of the ‘I Ching’ has 6 lines, so does each gate on the ‘Rave I Ching’ have 6 lines.

The column of red numbers on the left side of the Human Design chart show the Gate number followed by the line number for the 13 definitions of the Design Crystal:–

My human design chart

The column of black numbers on the right show the gate and line number for the 13 definitions of the Personality Crystal, which is defined at the moment of birth.

This information is then mapped onto the 64 Gates of the Body Graph.

Series of Articles on Human Design:–

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