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Appalachian Refuge Center

Building a sustainable off-grid transitional community and transformative educational center . . . Medicine Tribe and Cumberland Academy Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.' John 7:38 Appalachian Refuge Center Near the Big South Fork National River… Continue reading Appalachian Refuge Center


Appalachian Refuge Center, Fentress County, Tennessee

Update on Appalachian Refuge Center and WCAP autism recovery transitional community, Fentress county, Tennessee.

Medicine Tribe

Stockton Bluffs Tract 24

Cumberland Academy

Building our own community: research, build and innovate in sustainability models.

‘Medicine Tribe’ are creating a healing sanctuary and nature refuge on a pristine wooded bluff located in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. It will also be home to WCAP World Community Autism Program providing short, medium and long term recovery programs for people on the autism spectrum. Healing in a pristine environment using the lutein-free autism specific diet (Sara’s Diet) that removes the immune triggering foods, away from the electro-magnetic smog of the cities, the energy body can be restored to health and wellness.

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Cumberland Academy

‘a transformative educational center and transitional holistic community

After a year long search we have located an 5.1 acre tract of woodland in Tennessee with rock formations, two creeks of natural spring water and many clearings big enough for tiny homes, yurts and tents. The majority of the…

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Legend of Uktena and the Crystal cave

Sandra 'little white wolf' Medicine Woman writes: 'I now understand the conflicts which I have felt when reading the bible and the references to the dragon and hearing the stories of The People and the dragon who was protected by The People . . . and when the last dragon, Uktena, left she left the… Continue reading Legend of Uktena and the Crystal cave

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Cherokee teaching and the story of the wolves

The story of the two wolves is commonly shared but it is not the only story of the wolf, the teacher, told by the Tsalagi (Cherokee) elders. Steemit article ' The two Wolves' by Sandra 'Little White Wolf' Medicine Woman