Max and Sandra Desorgher

Max and Sandra Desorgher

We are Nutritional Therapists and Consultants in Autism and Related Conditions based in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

World Community Autism Program/

We are also co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and ‘Ascension’ or Frequency Shift

Our most recent books, published on the Cumberland Academy Payhip site, cover a multitude of topics including Galactic history, Extraterrestrial intervention, Deep State and secret programs, Deception, Hybridization programs, the Moonbase, the truth about Silent Superbug ‘Morgellons Disease’ and the Artificial Intelligence that is attempting to control our planet during this ascension process. It is about how humanity can wake up and reach the next level of consciousness.

We founded World Community Autism Program and Cumberland Academy to share our visions and insights into Global healing, Transformation and Ascension

Cumberland Academy

World Community Autism Program

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We have been creating content on the Internet for 20 years. Our work includes World Community Autism Program, Cumberland Academy and Medicine Tribe websites.

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Support our Autism work. We provide diet consultations based on 30 years of research into autism.  Our work is unique and groundbreaking, leading to many recoveries for autistic children and adults around the world. Sandra has been giving diet consultations her whole life and has helped people with many conditions and health problems.

A new Light on Autism Research
and Treatment


WCAP is dedicated to develop the programs internationally that lead to breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of autism’

Sara’s Diet – The Nutritional approach to autism

Individualized diet consultations with Dr. Sandra Desorgher, Science of Health and Nutrition

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