Cumberland Academy

The Revolutionary war was a down payment

Lost Hero: The Mason Who Backed the Revolution

Haym Salomon

“No one has ever doubted his heroic contributions to the Revolution. But the Masonic fraternity has, for 235 years, somehow missed honoring him as the brave financier of the Revolution while he was affiliated with Maryland Lodge No. 2, Ancient York Rite.

He settled in New York where he met and married Rachel Franks, daughter of Moses B. Franks of London whose brother Jacob Franks was a lieutenant colonel on General Washington’s staff.

Moses and Jacob Franks were sons of Adam Franks of Germany, a friend of King George of Hanover, who loaned that monarch the most valuable jewels in his coronation crown. Jacob Franks was the British king’s sole agent for the Northern Colonies at New York and his son David was the king’s agent for Pennsylvania.

He established himself in business, becoming one of the greatest financiers of his adopted city. He was entrusted with the negotiation of all the war subsidies of France and Holland.

Several European financial houses trusted and did business through him. When Robert Morris became America’s superintendent of finance, he had 75 transactions with Salomon between August 1781 and April 1784.

The secret support of Charles III of Spain for the American cause was said to have been due to Salomon’s efforts

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