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Appalachian Refuge Center, Fentress County, Tennessee

Stockton Bluffs Tract 24

Cumberland Academy

Building our own community: research, build and innovate in sustainability models.

‘Medicine Tribe’ are creating a healing sanctuary and nature refuge on a pristine wooded bluff located in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. It will also be home to WCAP (World Community Autism Program) providing short, medium and long term recovery programs for people on the autism spectrum.

World Community Autism Program

A new Light on Autism Research
and Treatment

WCAP is dedicated to develop the programs internationally that lead to breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of autism’

Healing in a pristine environment using the lutein-free autism specific diet (Sara’s Diet) that removes the immune triggering foods, away from the electro-magnetic smog of the cities, the energy body can be restored to health and wellness.


cumberland academy logo

Cumberland Academy

‘a transformative educational center and transitional holistic community

After a year long search we have located an 5.1 acre tract of woodland in Tennessee with rock formations, two creeks of natural spring water and many clearings big enough for tiny homes, yurts and tents. The majority of the site is protected by a deep gully with a stream, and is only accessible on foot.

Firstly, we are inviting people to partner with us, to come and join us and share in laying the foundations of a transitional educational and holistic community. We seek people who are ready to live in community where everyone contributes to the well-being of the whole and all life is treated with respect.

ARP poster

The Community will be designated as ‘Appalachian Refuge Center’, an off-grid educational and healing community for people seeking to heal themselves from the wounds of the past and learn to live as free and Sovereign Beings, as a Summer Camp and Homeschooling ‘Unschooling’ program for children who have been physically, immunologically and emotionally wounded or seek to avoid the damage and indoctrination that comes with system-centered programs, for veterans and the war-wounded seeking to restore our faith in the restorative forces of nature, and for awakened and awakening people of all ages to explore new depths of learning, Knowledge, and the practical application of natural principles.

Queen of the forest – Vision Quest week 6 – Steemit

Beyond School – the development of transition communities

Sponsor a veteran tiny house – Gofundme page

Please contact us at Cumberland Academy: Max or Sandra Desorgher for further details at


e2b3c-sandraWith thanks to the Father for providing the resources and availability. I now understand the conflicts which I have felt when reading the bible and the references to the dragon and hearing the stories of The People and the dragon who was protected by The People – and when the last dragon, Uktena, left she left the knowledge of the crystal cave and the healing energy to the people. The People pray for the life force energy of the water, Mni Wiconi, and the rainbow tribe – all people must begin to clean the Earth, gather our strength and protect one another. The Red Dragon, Satan has gathered the forces of the Earth and weakened her at every opportunity. The time of the Revelation is here and the information has been given to us in such a distorted manner that We the People must seek counsel from God within us, who is us to know the truth and the truth will set you free. My word is my sword.’

We founded World Community Autism Program and Cumberland Academy to share our visions and insights into Global healing, Transformation and Ascension

Cumberland Academy

World Community Autism Program

Link to article on Steemit = The last dragon, Uktena was protected by The People



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