Medicine Tribe

‘Medicine tribe are the truth seekers, truth sharers and keepers of the sacred knowledge of the “old ways” and traditional uses of practices, plant medicine and prayers (energy) used for healing.

Many healers and teachers have provided us with the knowledge which otherwise would have been kept hidden from us because of the greed of the pharmaceutical-industrial-military complex.

Agenda 21 has included the use of chem-trails, bio-weapons, vaccines, poisons, SWARM technology, DARPA, HAARP and Monsanto/Merck/Bayer protocols towards creating an unwell, disorganized and dis-eased population.

Money has changed hands in the race for space and new technology which is at the core of the evil agenda.

Also, hidden from us has been the interaction with both benevolent and malevolent beings which have a stake in the outcome of the secret agendas of the Illuminati, Cabal or as some refer to them ‘The Deep State’ and Secret Space Program ‘SSP’.

‘I am an Outbounder; I remote view and reverse remote view situations and people for a being which some call a Mantis species and others call a Quadloid. People are genuinely confused about the reality of UFOs, beings from different dimensions, EBENs, good aliens, bad aliens

Even the term ‘alien’ is insufficient at this time as the world governments focus on the ‘illegal alien’ – displaced persons immigration and emigration rules and regulations. Thus the hashag #UtB ‘Unravel the Babel’.

‘My trust in the Guardians’ agenda to provide me with the information which I need during the sleep time, dream time has always been validated through my ability to pass any test or education course in which I enrolled.

The information provided guided me to learn, to microscopic detail, the workings of the human bio-chemistry so that I could understand how diet and changes to the diet can have a positive result for people diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

The results for thousands of people, mostly children resulted in the writing of two books, one successful acknowledgement from National Institute of Health when a grant application made the final review process in 1997. Ultimately it was unsuccessful. The work of Aaron Swartz goes a long way towards showing why there may be many people in history and present day who have made great contributions but it has been the hand-picked few who are lifted to notoriety.

With the resources to begin this wordpress domain Max and Sandra (White Wolf) intend to provide a platform for people who are passionate about their work, have something to contribute and whose information may be valuable and time sensitive as we work also towards our goals of starting a Heal the World community. A place where healers and those in need of healing come together.

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