An Introduction To ‘Q’


By Trevor Winchell

The big picture is that the World has been quietly ruled by generational families. They own 90 percent of the World’s wealth. They use that wealth for power and to create more wealth. These families have intermarried and control top echelons in our government, businesses, education systems, culture centers (Hollywood and Music Industry), and religious institutions.

They are entrenched. Their reach is enormous. They control intelligence agencies (CIA), the Mainstream Media, and Social Networking platforms like Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. It is a huge spider web. Everything connects.

The Great Awakening

The first phase of The Great Awakening is heightened awareness of the Deep State – the interlocking governmental entities that operate outside the law to expand their own power. Elections and popular opinion don’t impact the ability of the Deep State to enforce its agenda.

The second phase of The Great Awakening investigates the Deep State’s alliance with other powerful sectors: the media, Hollywood, charities and non-profits, public schools and universities, religious organizations, medical, scientific and financial institutions, and multinational corporations. This phase can be painful, as you discover that “those you trust the most” (in Q’s phrase) are deceiving you. Beloved celebrities, religious leaders, doctors, educators, innovators, and do-gooders are all in on the hoax.

The third phase of The Great Awakening is perhaps the most painful of all. The people who rule us are not merely amoral creatures who view us as collateral damage in their drive for money and power. It’s scarier than that. The potentates we serve are actively trying to harm us. That’s their goal. We’re under coordinated attack.