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Marina – the ascended mind

This consciousness exchange between “Marina” – a ‘Starseed’ – and ‘Sandra “Little White Wolf” Medicine Woman’, took place in 2017:

Marina: In regards to my scientific download, I’ll give you a brief summary of my ‘physics’ understanding (since the information is very long and complex and it’s hard to write with English language sentences) and my ‘psychology’ understanding of ‘Star children’, with some comparison to ‘general psychology’ ideas below.

Sandra’s reply: This opening comment by a Starseed should bring any reader to attention: the comparison of the physics model of autism (new paradigm) to the recognizably failed and yet impossible to abandon ‘psychology’ paradigm. Physics and psychology have in common that we are looking at the signs, symptoms and behaviors of invisible, inert and living matter to understand what is happening. In their groundbreaking work, Leo Kanner and Hans Asperger used their fields of expertise to define the ‘Autism/Asperger’ signs and symptoms, which continue to be used as the basis for a ‘Psychiatric’ diagnosis of what is now understood as a ‘Bio-medical’ condition (Medical Review Council ‘MRC’, UK 2002). Information was forthcoming at that event which includes that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that people who have been clinically diagnosed from observable ‘behaviors’ also share some common bio-medical markers. It might be feasible to develop a set of tests which could confirm a diagnosis bio-medically, however the Review Council concluded that it would be unethical to do so because roughly 80% of people who would have these bio-medical markers will never present themselves for psychological testing. In other words, roughly 80% of people with the bio-chemistry, biological and genetic (both innate and environmental) will not present with the exaggerated signs and symptoms which typically lead to psychological or medical investigation.

It is worthy of consideration that one of the biological ‘markers’ presented at this event was that “the dynein motor transport proteins dropped their cargo during brain development, seemingly spontaneously, at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy”. Another marker that has been reported for many years is elevated glial fibrilary acidic protein (a stress related marker). Brain imaging and neurological investigations have reveals other markers, that individuals with this clinical diagnosis have much larger sensory neurons but fewer purkinje neurons of the Cerebellum (movement in space). There would seem to be plenty of evidence of a pattern here whereby the paradigm of physics as the dominant factor for differences in Star children should be considered.

Marina writes: “The information below represents very strong aspects of the connection of frequency, undulatory movements, geometry, space and time, waves, dimensions and consciousness as the translator of such perceptions of physics. Physicists believe that there are only particles or waves, that those are the only ways in which vibratory matter/energy can be expressed in regards to frequencies, movements in function of time. That’s wrong! There is a more geometrical aspect of how matter/energy can vibrate in function of time. Not only wave or particle.

Now it’s true that waves and particles have in common things with all other possible vibrational rates of matter/energy: they vibrate in a direct relationship with geometrical constants such as pi (π) and even more. They all, in frequencial movements, describe spheres, or circles (pi). Because all comes from a point! From a circular point all creation expanded in infinite directions. Spheres/circumferences are the base geometry of all others in existence. And all is space, space that holds infinite geometrically possible patterns, that is translated into frequencial movements. So now you see, how physics and geometry is no more but the same! Numbers, space, time, consciousness, all interconnected.”

Sandra comments: My understanding of the current quantum physics theory is that time is an illusion. What is time in this space may be hours which may be seconds in another dimension. The easiest example is sleep time, lucid dreaming where a person might sleep and enjoy a two-week holiday in the course of a nap. Other theories include that as consciousness we are not limited to one reality and may be experiencing multiple realities which can exchange places. The physicists and energy scientists are splitting the atom in the CERN projects trying to learn about the God particle which some call the Higgs boson (Steven Hawkins). It is quite interesting how many people who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum have a keen interest in physics. At this time I am inclined to believe that the completion of the final CERN in Lead, SD, USA will be the last link in the chain necessary to link them all and create a possible disaster. I am also inclined to believe that the work of the early twentieth century free energy scientists (Shauberger, Tesla and Tsiolkovsky) give us the understanding of the simple principles that are shown to us with water. The work of Dr. Emoto has proven that water from clear mountain springs and streams had beautifully formed crystalline structures, while the crystals of polluted or stagnant water were deformed and distorted. Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate, symmetrical crystalline shapes. Water which is infused with negative energy whether it be sound, pollution or thought produces a shard-like or disrupted structure.

Water molecules can separate into atoms and the atoms can split and reform to create these varied displays. Nature does not need a CERN.

Marina writes:

Psychology of star children
Many of the star children have been diagnosed with neurological disorders such us ADHD and Autism/Asperger’s. These are not disorders but programs for their brains, of how their consciousness is going to be expressed in their vessel and how their perception is going to translate the stimulus of their experience.

Sandra writes: Born encoded with language. The bio-chemical and environmental languages of the post-natal world are confusing. Most people born with the autism/asperger altered bio-chemistry (80% as stated by the MRC, UK 2002) adapt and are likely members of the general population with the diversity of  expression that is seen in humanity generally, however it is likely that these undiagnosed individuals will be more susceptible to the diseases, disorders or conditions which are more common to the autism spectrum diagnosed population and which are often associated to ancestry, culture and family medical history. These conditions include, but are not exclusive to, auto-immune disorders, bi-polar disorder, depression, OCD, spontaneous miscarriage, schizophrenia, PKU, Tuberous sclerosis, Prader-Willi Syndrome and other genetic conditions. It is also notable that 70% (research of Paul Shattock) are recognized as being from the immigrant population in any country, populations experiencing the shock of change, such as change of diet from natural to foreign and change of environment from culturally natural to culturally foreign.

Marina writes:


ADHD is about channeling, about dimensions. The hyperactivity of the neurological system brings these humans the ability to channel information, at bringing the ability of easily harmonizing with higher frequencies of higher dimensions. This offers to these individuals a heightened perception of reality.

Sandra comments: As a teacher, educational consultant, school principal and Head of Psychology department (UAE, UK) I have met many children and worked closely with many others on a daily basis. It has been my experience that the literature includes AD(H)D as a ‘step-down’ diagnosis. In other words a child or person who has met the criteria for an autism spectrum diagnosis improves and no longer meets the criteria but can be given a diagnosis of ADD or AD(H)D. Having met hundreds of individuals given a diagnosis of moderate to severe autism who were de-classified with no step-down diagnosis I am of the opinion that the children and individuals which I have met who present with the characteristics of ADD are more often avoiding accepting the subject matter as a desired use of their attention. The ADHD individuals, in my experience, have often had extremely good attention but again their focus was on a subject or activity which was not the desired or scheduled activity. I have known individuals who tested in the unteachable IQ range and 6 months later tested in the genius range (re-tested by the same group). The changes which occurred included changes to the diet and changes to the environment. A child running naked and uncontrolled wreaking havoc who 6 months later is working two computers simultaneously – age 5. Another who tested after changes to diet and environment, who had spent a year in psychiatric hospital before changes to diet and home environment then tested in the 99th percentile in all areas except self-help skills where he remained at the 3rd percentile mark. When children are unable to do tasks which are defined by their caregivers then they develop coping skills to avoid failure. This can include zoning out. If the world of the consciousness field is more interesting than the physical reality then the child may hone their skills in the areas of channeling and exploration of alternative dimensions.

Marina writes: This program of high mental energy translates into a neurological hyperactivity and is the same dynamic that is expressed and used in a direct channeling of one entity for instance, but expressed as a program for a day to day expression of their consciousness. In the day to day experience of the individual, these high mental energies translate into a hyperactivity and strong attention deficit when the subject is forced to focus in the lower dimensional structures (such as 3D tasks) of their life in the 3rd dimension, not letting them channel their high mental energies properly, so this triggers in them a constant desire to focus their attention into the higher dimensional expressions of their consciousness construct.


The whole spectrum of autism has never just been a biological disorder; but also a neurological condition, a new brain program for the expression of consciousness. There is a marked difference of the psychology of the individual and the external reality/consciousness. It’s all about a heightened perception or a variation of the perception of the individual in contact with the perception of other humans. Let’s put an example: a frequency is an individual information about a subject, and a harmonic is about the mathematical symmetry of proportion of the wavelengths of two or more frequencies. The same dynamic applies to how the internal self reality interacts with the external. The psychology of an individual would be referenced as their personal frequency, and socializing would reference to the harmonization of the frequency of the individual and the frequency of another/others in his/her external reality. If the frequency of the psyche of the individual is much different from the frequency of the rest of the individuals, they won’t harmonize that well, and that’s why we can notice from observation or self experience how it is that autistic individuals find it so hard socializing with other human beings.

Sandra comments: Absolutely agree. One-on-one the individuals have developed coping skills which I have seen resulted in a parent never leaving the sight of her child and yet with all measures in place to prevent the child from accessing an item, the focus of the child was so intent that he/she would be successful at obtaining the forbidden item regularly whether it be wheat, dairy, opening a locked door. When a child has had this much attention in early childhood and no opportunity to explore they often develop the ‘escape artist’ skills. When these children are enrolled in pre-school I have watched kindergarten areas outfitted with keycards and assistants stationed at the classroom doors. In one class I had 25 age three to four year olds and ultimately eight of these initially met the criteria for an autism spectrum diagnosis. After 6 months one was alternatively recognized as ‘wall-flower syndrome/PTSD’. This was the most diverse class I have ever taught but the advantage was that it was an English language school in a foreign country and the children were from 21 different countries. Only one had English spoken as a first language at home and it was neither parents’ first language.  He was initially non-verbal. The main problem was spatial awareness – the traumatized child and the ASD children wanted their space respected, some would bite if their space was disrespected. We were able to get that sorted out fairly quickly with 3 incidences. I looked at the temperament, movement, body language, vocal tones, facial expressions and organized the children so that the children were able to manage their space, use the resources as needed and join in ‘their way’ and be successful by attending. The repetition of the 3 to 4 year old classroom activities and rhythm and routine was satisfying and the children thrived. I would love to provide this style of education and learning opportunity to a larger community. To further support Marina’s premise I worked as the school psychologist and Intensive Learning Program coordinator at a school in Cambodia – a large private English language school in Phnom Penh. It was summer and I had evaluations to perform, but two children presented to the school for enrollment and the principal and families were uncertain if these children could be successful in attending a school which did not yet have a special needs program. Neither child was verbal, one was six and the other three years old. A third child, also age six, enrolled and he had no English and was diagnosed ADHD with genius. His first language was Spanish. This was a tremendous experience because I suspect the Spanish sounded like babel to the two Cambodian children. We formed a class with the three of them and by the start of the school year, the 3 year old was verbal and placed in the age 4 to 5 class. The six year old Cambodian child was verbal and tested at genius level in all areas (like his older brother who was in grade 8 and the science and math awards winner). The Spanish child was mainstreamed to regular class. The combination of the two autistic children and the ADHD child was a miracle. I have rarely been more grateful to the greater consciousness than I was for that opportunity.

Marina writes: OCD or attachment to routines and repetitive behaviours also has an explanation. In some cases, autistic and Aspergers children have ADHD working in their brain program, and both are very similar. This means they work also with high mental energies, that when not channeled properly caters to obssessive, repetitive patterns in their minds. These patterns seem to be calmed when the individual acts for their highest interest (most have strong interests for very specific subjects that can be expressed as obssession), being able to channel these energies and balancing the negative side effect of ADHD and OCD. 

In other cases we can talk about familiarity being the reason that pulls these individuals to the attachment of such routines/repetitiveness. This is due to their different perception again, because having such differences in their perception/reality makes them seek to experience familiarity. When it is interrupted, they often will claim that the “new” routine or behaviour/place/etc. feels “alien” to them.


Asperger are high functioning because they don’t present difficulties at learning.

They hold a frequencial variation in their dynamics of expressing and translating information. Their way of learning is also not 3-dimensional, rather it is learning through concepts, but they hold a great ability for decodifying languages/numerical sequences or encrypting information into it. That’s why they often are gifted at maths, physics and/or chemistry.

Males are much more diagnosed in consultation than Asperger females because of the expression of the feminine frequencies in their brain program.

As the feminine is much more right hemispherical oriented they tend to present less difficulties in speech and social skills.

As generally their frequencies express more through left hemisphere orientation, they tend to present above average IQ and strengths in a wide spectrum of sciences and arts.

They often present echolalia and repetitive randomness of words and phonemes in their mental dimension due to the left brain logical language orientation.

That also affects their brain to seek repetitiveness, extreme routines and organization.

But still, they hold a higher receptivity of the energies in a non verbal form. They dislike being superficial which makes their connection to other humans uncomfortable, and this is what very often makes them have difficulties at socializing – they perceive a “fake” environment.

(Note: I’m in the Asperger spectrum, and I can tell you, that I am very alone in school. I feel a distraction while connecting with those of my age because I have always always felt and perceived that they hold collectively a special kind of pyramidal social structure. And that if you will superficially follow these social rules, you will go higher and higher in the pyramid of popularity and social interest, and they will reach for you and accept you more. We being natural and original, different or of a higher perception/awareness is what has created this obstacle.)

This all applies to general autism and Aspergers mostly, but the following applies specifically to classical autism (mostly in severe cases)  and high functioning autism:

Classical ASD

Classical autists are low functioning because they present higher difficulties at learning. They are more right hemisphere oriented, they no longer express their exploration of consciousness (learning) in a 3rd dimensional dynamic, they don’t learn through a superficial extreme logical-linear way of integrating information with memory programing. Their receptivity is oriented to visual-conceptual understanding of what is perceived/felt. (Similar dynamic is with Aspergers, but they translate it through a logical brain hemisphere orientation).

Classical ASD individuals have adopted a higher dynamics of communication. Their receptivity of the information that they are given is of a wider more opened spectrum. They are receptive to an exchange of information with the external in an energetic, more empathic/psychic non-verbal non-linear form as the energy that is expressed happens in the now. They no longer adapt the common dynamics of human beings of a linear superficial encryption of information in a verbal language construct translated by the left analytical brain hemisphere.

So what is the difference between these?

First a general summary of ASD: I would define autism as the neurological condition with enough/significant variation of the harmonics of the frequencies of the right and left hemispheres in difference/contrast with those of an average individual, resulting in a perception of reality that causes them to not harmonize with the energies of their external reality, leading to an intense “zoomed in” experience of the expansion of their consciousness with their own awareness: an intense constant desire/focus to explore the dynamics of the interaction of a “stimulus-response” exchange of information with their own inner world.

So, generally ASD is a variation of the harmonics of the frequencies of their hemispheres, both high functioning (Aspergers) and lower functioning (ASD) have that neurological program, but varied in expression. It is not an intensification of the right or left hemisphere, as it is thought as the harmonics or relationship between right and left brain – how they harmonize with each other caters to a different expression of their creativity and logical relationship. It is not intensity, it is variation of direction of relationship with each other (logic-creativity). So that’s why classical autistic individuals work commonly through the dynamics of dyslexia (right hemisphere oriented) and Aspergers through hyperlexia (left hemisphere direction). But they aren’t opposites, but different directions. They are both of an increased awareness and higher receptivity to the energies of their realities, they are both working towards the “feeling/sensing”, both presenting symptoms of hypersensitive disorder (higher receptivity of stimilus), the difference again is the hemispherical directionality.

left (logic) ASPERGER — right (creative) Classical AUTISM

Sandra comments: I agree with Marina. Also, I have found that many people will view the illusions of spirals, and paintings which can show either dolphins or lovers depending on how it is perceived, the moving pirouette of the ballerina. Whereas the non-autist has a difficult time seeing that the spiraling image is just four circles or the ballerina is spinning clock-wise and the leaves are not moving, the Autist easily sees the stillness of the leaves, clearly the four circles and the directional movement of the 3D ballerina.

Marina writes: “Aspergers and classical autism are just orientations left-right and differences between high functioning or low, but actually many autistic individuals present great compass in-between verbal and non-verbal, logic-creativity, hyperlexia-dyslexia, and both present a heightened perception and a higher receptivity of the energies of their environment.”

Mary Rodwell includes:


(This comes from a FB post I made)

Marina’s understanding of brain hemispheres and structures of existence:

“Art and maths, spirit and science, creativity and logic, exists hand by hand, letting possible the existence of each other, like a painter painting a painting that is painting him. The one can’t exist without the other and vice versa because they create each other, or so to say, they are one. The mirror and the reflection, art and maths, all of these dualities of existence can only be dualities by the experience of the disintegration of the perception of reality, commonly in the dynamics of the brain functioning/mind perception fragmented part of the consciousness of most human beings in this dimension. And here is when you realize why you perceive left and right, creative and logical, good and bad as separated 🙂 . . . BRAIN HEMISPHERES. Disintegration of the mind perception part of consciousness.

The brain is a complex programming computer that, when playing certain brain waves, can tune into a variety of the infinite frequency spectrum of information, understandings, knowledge, perceptions, thoughts, etc that exists within the universal consciousness (always experienced individually as the ALL).

Thoughts are the superficial external frequency-tune dynamic with the outside reality, and knowledge is the internal one, the one which is channeled, part of the multidimensional consciousness construct of the individual. Both are born as a reality from within but there can be this interpretation about the differences in their dynamics of frequency tuning in.

And so this happens with logic and creativity, science and spirit, masculine and feminine as I stated.

But there has never been a total separation between them as our scientists have always perceived. There is no empirical total adversity between logic and art, or masculine and feminine when you “play strongly through one of them”. There is just a constant mathematical variation in the frequential harmonics of the brain waves of each hemispheres. But never a separation or non existence of the other.

Of course, in some times of my day to day experience, I keep living this separation as every other human being, but once I started to play with the harmonics of the frequencies of my hemispheres and was depicting the structure of existence with so much logic and spiritual understanding, a great synchronicity of both hemispheres, that’s when I realised that even LOGIC was CREATED.

God, while CREATing this universe, let’s expand his already existence (love as essence) in a structure of logical+infinite creativity construct.

Sandra comments: In the beginning there was God (the masculine principle) and Wisdom (the feminine principle) from whence came the yin and yang.

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