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Fundraising Campaign for Robert Eben Johnson Jr

All Our Relations

Dear Family Friends and Community,

Our son and brother Robert Eben Johnson Jr. has now been incarcerated for 11 months without trial and no bond hearing.

Robert’s court appointed lawyer has not been able to represent Robert effectively, so we are seeking at this time financial assistance and compassionate aid to obtain the best legal services we can find to help Robert defend himself or to procure Legal Counsel to defend him. 

The amount we are seeking to raise immediately is $15,000. This is to hire a defense attorney to represent Robert who has asked for this amount to take on Robert’s case and represent him fully.

Last year, Robert received a calling from God into Prison Ministry. His calling is to bring incarcerated people to Christ and help them find  resources, jobs and accommodations to return to life in the community  and to serve God.

We are asking family friends and community to join hands now to support Robert in his quest for Justice and his Ministry Calling.

Please go to this patreon page for more information:–

Please contact us if you need more information at

How to help

1. We are setting up a Fundraising Campaign at – a Christian Fundraising Site. It was not yet active on Feb 7th, but hopefully this will be active soon:–

2. If you cannot access the fundraising site, you can donate directly to our Paypal account. (Please add a note: Donate to Robert’s Campaign)

3. You can buy our book “All Our Relations”  that we wrote about Robert and our family history.

4. You can book a Nutritional Diet Consultation with Sandra Desorgher. We will donate 50% of the consultation fee to Robert’s Campaign.

 Sandra has written individualized diets for thousands of people around  the world. Since 1994 she has been giving ‘Sara’s Diet’ consultations to  parents based on Sara’s recovery, and using information provided on the  uniqueness of their child.

5. You can become a patron of our Patreon Account and make a monthly donation. There are 6 levels of membership.

Sandra and Max Desorgher

You can also support us by buying and promoting our books or scheduling a diet consultation:–

 Books at *Cumberland academy*

You can also become a Patreon Member and support us with a monthly payment:–

*Medicine Tribe — The people are awakening*

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