Chapter 1 – Civil War in America

Joseph White Eyes writes: “Hey y’all, Tania Aubid is on her 7th day of a hunger strike. She has been committed to this fight since early April when the sacred stone camp first went up. I am asking that you keep her in your prayers, and keep her in your thoughts while You are fighting for clean water. She has been a great mentor and a woman to have in this fight”.

Part I – North Dakota, USA is at war

Summer, 2016

The country is divided between the Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial Complex ‘PPMIC’ (Capitalist) movement, which controls the cash flow and is rapidly advancing and the ‘Liberal Coalition’ (tree-huggers) backed by indigenous people, Green Party and allies that President Trump marginalized, as did former presidents Obama & Bush.

The first International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming took place during the reign of President Bill Clinton and former VP Al Gore. Gore began drawing attention to the issue of global warming, cobbling together a base of believers and followers. Clearly, the Clinton Global Initiative, is a money laundering facility and Pay-to-Play geopolitical tool used by pedophiles, warmongers and elite capitalists. Has the civil war ever really ended?

8 November, 2016 The ‘capitalists’ capture the strategic US military bases when a rigged US election produced Donald Trump as POTUS. President-Elect Trump has shown no respect for the Bill of Rights. No major party seems truly to want to halt what threatens to become a regional war in Syria. The slim chance to salvage a political process requires that regional actors immediately cease military action and help the domestic parties agree on a broadly acceptable course of action. Only then can the government return to the political negotiating table to address other outstanding issues.

The political process in America, in trouble for some time, began to unravel during the time of Watergate. Following this wake-up call, the people of the United States failed to hold their elected officials accountable. In 2004, Obama was elected, toppling the widely unpopular government associated to election fraud and the 9/11 acts of terrorism. Under President Obama, election fraud was clearly visible at the voting booths of the American people but also in the House, Congress and Senate.

Arguably, the Obama administration became completely enmeshed in the road map of the PPMIC. Laughing all the way to the inauguration, Obama was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize and went on to become the US president that dropped more bombs than any before him. There is no peace deal because peace is not profitable.

20th January 2017 The current geopolitical divide is the most explosive, but it is not the only conflict. Tensions are also unsettling the recent marriage of convenience between the Liberals and Capitalists, clearly evidenced by the POTUS picks for key offices and the ease with which they are confirmed. The previous ruling party has taken advantage of popular dissatisfaction and tacitly allied with the Liberals against their common enemies to stage a political comeback. Divisions within the opposing groups is rampant as well. Indigenous people and separatists are internally split and suspicious of one another, the capitalist groups earning their profits from the petrochemical industry may not agree with the tourism industry in need of pristine forests and National Parks that are not ravaged by oil spills. Then there is the resurgent military, new toys replacing older ones, and older more mature personnel ripped from the ranks by former POTUS Obama. The US government is risking collapse to claim territory as land, control of or eradication of people and through the use of unconstitutional methods.

This combustible brew has overwhelmed the UN-led negotiations, a legacy of the genocide of indigenous people, disregard for treaties, the initiative to advance the petrochemical industry with complete disregard for human rights. Its implementation mechanisms include deception, disregard for the Bill of Rights, and the revelation of treachery as the masks are peeled away. Initially, the political process was promising, with dialogue that reached constructive conclusions on the political future, evidenced by all US citizens having the right to vote. But after 50 years, stakeholders have little confidence UN-sponsored talks alone will overcome the impasse or produce a lasting settlement.

The indigenous people and separatists have lost faith and are increasingly committed to reversing capitalist gains at virtually any cost. Indigenous people and separatists from around the world consider the indigenous people of North America as proxies, a stance that pushes them closer to action. Throwing their weight behind anti-capitalist, anti-petrochemical and anti-war protests and tribal mobilisation in the indigenous area of the Dakotas has resulted in an outpouring of resources for the movement. The government leads efforts to isolate the movement diplomatically, strangle them economically and, now, weaken them militarily. In turn, the movement has grown, as evidence of global catastrophe from climate change and pollution reaches critical mass. The government has conducted military exercises and likely will harden their position in response to outsider and veteran intervention. The indigenous people’s relative self-sufficiency will not last long. They are already soliciting financial and political support.

More than others, the Dakota movement had the financial clout and historical ties with several different indigenous tribes as stakeholders to incentivize compromise. But, the government and petrochemical stakeholders ramped up pressure while pinching off the safety valve with rigged elections, paid lobbyists and lucrative deals. In March, when brokered talks failed, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) recognized that a set of impossible preconditions for the completion of the project – the Army Core of Engineers environmental impact studies (EIS) – had not been organised. The Energy Transfer Partnership (ETP), which the indigenous people blame for pipeline advances, refused to acknowledge that they failed to include tribal councils in the negotiations, insisting that the pipeline had a trajectory that would not threaten the tribal water and historical areas.

Egged on by regional powerhouses ETP and Dakota law enforcement, indigenous people may not be able to avoid a prolonged war. If they are to, the North Dakota and US government should step back from the military path and harmonise diplomatic efforts with the UN, which still has a critical role in facilitating compromise. The UN Security Council ideally would condemn regional military involvement in North Dakota and at a minimum should refrain from endorsing and promoting it.

The immediate priority should be a UN Security Council brokered and monitored ceasefire, followed by UN-led peace talks with ICCC GW backing, without preconditions, focusing on the role of the presidency and leaving other power-sharing topics until basic agreement is reached. Agreement on the executive would enable further talk on other aspects of power sharing in the government and military, and on state structure, particularly the future of the tribal treaty lands, where separatist sentiment is strong. Both have been core drivers of conflict since pipeline and oil spills have polluted water, land and oceans.

Without minimum consensus within and beyond its borders, North Dakota is headed for protracted violence on multiple fronts. This combination of proxy wars, sectarian violence, state collapse and militia rule has become sadly familiar. Nobody is likely to win such a fight, which will only benefit those who prosper in the chaos of war. But great human suffering would be certain. An alternative exists, but only if indigenous people and their neighbours choose it.


Part II – Commentary posted on http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/

9 February 2017 – Commentary attributed to Russell Meyers: ‘Been seeing a rising tide of people suggesting a military coup. . . mostly based on the comments of a third rate comedienne who called true Progressives “ridiculous”. No, we haven’t forgotten. Progressives actually have an attention span. But let’s address this objectively and analyze what the results would be should you get the military involved in an attempt to overthrow the government. First and foremost, if you oust Trump, you wind up with President Pence. He would be worse. Get rid of him and you get President Ryan. You know, the one who has been trying to get rid of SS and Medicare/Medicaid for years’

My counter-comment:No, if the US military implemented the ‘unified Anti-Tyranny Protection Of The United States’ (people & constitution), then the country would be under the protection of those who have sworn to defend the People of the United States and our country: The Army, The Airforce, The Navy, The Marines, The Coast Guard and the National Guard.’

Russell Meyers continues: ’Consider that the military is probably split along the same lines as the general population. Half support Trump, half oppose him in a nearly even split. So evenly split, each side would cancel the other out’.

My counter-comment:It is possible, even probable that the US military has leaders whose directives are followed by those that serve, just as the veterans have leaders who can call a group of veterans to action during these trying times. Recent difficulties in filling cabinet positions with high ranking military personnel who decline offers and a swell of social media, much of which was available for several months to several years prior to the 2016 election, describes the increasing injustice and oppression served the US people by a government which is out-of-control. It is very probable that consensus would be reached among the highest ranking members of each military arm and the people who serve would do so with the professionalism expected.’

Russell Meyers continues: ‘Because of the above, our military would be decimated. Weakened to the degree that our country would be left with no effective defences. Leaving the door open to a hostile government to invade’.

My counter-comment:The US has nearly 1000 military bases world wide when the whole rest of the world has 30 military bases. Indeed, the US military bases in many areas are filled with equipment and resources far beyond what that area or country could challenge. These bases require staffing with US personnel to maintain control of the resources. It is difficult to imagine that US military personnel in the US and surrounding Naval and Coast Guard areas would suddenly have mass AWOL’s or infighting. In fact the duty of our military is to protect the US citizens and our constitutional rights. Just when we need them most ‘We the people’ must have confidence in our military. The military have been our ‘fail-safe’ and we are at the crisis point. IMO’

Russell Meyers continues: “Attacking the government means any armed conflicts would take place in cities. Not out in empty fields. Many thousands would die”.

My counter-comment: ‘The government is a system, and the system is broken. None of the people at the top of the election pyramid have gotten to their place in the hierarchy through truly democratic means and methods. It is highly unlikely that the Congressmen, Senators and Representatives are going to take up arms against the US army. Really Russell, this is a few hundred people. The government has become an ‘it’ and is no longer made up of duly elected’.

Russell Meyers continues: ‘It is most likely that infrastructure would be damaged for an extended period. Electrical, natural gas, water, gas services and communications of all forms disrupted. Highways and roads shut down’.

My counter-comment: ‘For this point rather than disagree I would like to point out that protests, demonstrations, strikes and crumbling roads & bridges along with damage from fracking, busted oil pipelines, filthy poisoned water from power plants, research, GMO, pesticides, rodenticides and global warming or changes to the environment from deforestation, dam building without proper environmental studies, failure to have environmental impact studies which defined the impact of nuclear waste in our oceans and I could go on but suffice it to say these are just a few of the reasons why we need a Rloveution’

Russell Meyers continues: ‘Supply lines blocked or destroyed. Food shortages leading to malnutrition and even starvation. Medical supplies leaving ill and injured with no care available. Disease would run unabated. Many thousands more die’.

My Counter comment: ‘In the world in which we live now, the mass majority of the 8+ billion people live on less than $2 a day. The ones who are in the most distress are those who have been bullied, beaten, stolen from, bombed, mutilated and oppressed. These numbers are great and their sacrifice has been mainly for greed. Should we continue as we have, as the “Greatest Super Power” things will only get worse and supply lines will continue to be blocked in places like Palestine; food shortages and starvation will continue in places like Yemen. Medical supplies will continue to be unavailable to people in places like Syria. Disease will continue to run unabated as long as the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Elite & Greedy continue to use the human population as guinea pigs which has resulted in the American population being the most chronically ill population in the history of modern man’.

Russell Meyers continues: ‘US forces in hostile countries would have their supplies, resources and funding cut off. No personnel replacements. Ammunition would run out. Many if not all would be overrun in days. (That’s if they do not destroy each other in the same conflict, which would be possible.)

My counter comment:With the US military in charge it is likely that the resources, supplies and funding would continue uninterrupted’.

Russell Meyers continues: ‘IF we were not invaded by a hostile government, what would then result would be the dissolution of our military and institution of martial law by ANY administration that assumed power.

My counter comment: ‘With the military in power, which is currently made up of predominantly persons who have chosen this career, the response of the American people to The People taking back the government through the actions of OUR military would hardly result in the need for martial law. The fear of martial law is one of the tactics which has been used to prevent the honest politicians and representatives from demanding the elected officials act in the best interest of the people of these United States. It has gotten so ridiculous that states have threatened to leave the union.’

Russell Meyers continues: ‘Prison camps to hold all the forces (military and civilian) that opposed the new government’.

My counter comment: ‘We have that now. A homeless mother breast feeding her child can go to prison for 5 years while the FLOTUS can be photographed in public wearing sheer, completely see-through attire. People opposing the destruction of their property, the illegal trespass and seizure of their property are being imprisoned daily. Reporters and journalists are being charged with felonies for attempting to get the real news to the people of the US and the world.’

Russell Meyers continues: ‘None of this even mentions war crimes. You’ve heard of the war crimes committed by our own troops in other countries. The commonality of the rape culture in our military. Now apply that to US citizens as victims. Now, how is that military coup sounding to you?’

My counter comment: ‘None of the preceding commentary mentioned peace time crime such as untested vaccines manufactured with known poisons being given to newborns, infants, children, professionals, military and the elderly resulting in ever increasing disabling diseases, disorders and conditions which has resulted in a People crying out to be heard :







Part III – Call to Action

February 22nd, 2017 – World Prayer at 2:22 pm Central Standard Time; 10:32 pm Greenwich Mean Time

Today the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Guard, North Dakota Sheriff’s Department and other ‘law enforcement’ agencies and corporations stand with Energy Transfer Partnership to remove indigenous people from their land and surrounding reservation and treaty land so the Dakota Access Pipeline can be completed. Today many people are suffering from the heinous treatment that has been used against them here, in America. And, many people, here in America do not even know that the US constitution is being torn to shreds. Today, we beseech as we wait, watch and feel the further destruction of our people and our planet.

The Uber-wealthy, a 21st century term accepted by the high-end middle class who aspire to be or pretend to be multi-millionaires inching towards the billionaire bulls-eye, is now understood to be a form of conditioning which causes sensory impairment:

    1. A form of blindness which makes it difficult if not impossible for the comfortable to see the discomfort suffered by those who are expendable. Extermination of people, human beings dying from dirty water, poisoned land, polluted air, bullets, bombs, chemical weapons, starvation and poisoned food and pharmaceuticals;

    1. A form of deafness which makes it difficult if not impossible for the comfortable to hear about the discomfort suffered by those who are expendable;

    1. Discomfort Association Avoidance’ a.k.a. “False Consciousness” inability to migrate through the myriad of visual, auditory and written resources that describe, define and illustrate the result of oppression.

A hypothetical history which may be used by the reader to better understand how guilt overload (GO) can have an impact on the choices made by the Uber-wealthy – imagine a young Bill Gates, sometimes described as exhibiting the signs & symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome: ‘when you meet someone who has Asperger’s syndrome, you might notice two things right off. He’s just as smart as other folks, but he has more trouble with social skills. He also tends to have an obsessive focus on one topic or perform the same behaviors again and again’. a) Gates focused on computer programming and he built a massive fortune b) as his business developed he travelled, and as a consequence he likely saw people in the developing nations that he travelled to who were among the homeless, impoverished 80% of humanity that live on less than $2 a day’ c) Today, Mr. Gates might look more closely at poverty in America; he could read “$2 a day. Living on almost nothing in America” by Katheryne Eden & Luke Shaefer. A rich man travelling the world, a man who has everything money can buy – Mr. Gates chose to make an investment in global health-care. Vaccine development and distribution and pharmaceutical research. Obviously, this seemingly or even genuine benevolent act could behave as an analgesic for Guilt Overload – you see, Mr. Gates could not turn a blind eye (he saw), he could not ‘act as deaf’ (he heard ) and he could not avoid associating his discomfort to the painful realities. Unable to sustain the false consciousness and choosing to find a remedy for GO Mr. Gates took action. Mr. Gates (benevolent) actions also gained him recognition & awards. It potentially improved Mr. Gates developing emotional maturity skills. For Aspergers the development of emotional maturity skills are often delayed, I could argue the same for those born with a ‘silver-spoon’.

There is another aspect of Mr. Gates choice to be considered. The massive potential for profit available from investment in vaccines and pharmaceutical research. The adrenaline rush experienced by humans who know a secret.

One notable politician explains it this way: ‘Having benefited enormously via the leveraging of capital since the beginning of my career and having shared a decreasing percentage of my income thanks to Presidents Reagan and Bush 43 via lower government taxes, I now find my intellectual leanings shifting to the plight of labor. I often tell my wife Sue it’s probably a Kennedy-esque type of phenomenon. Having gotten rich at the expense of labor, the guilt sets in and I begin to feel sorry for the less well-off, writing very public Investment Outlooks that “dis” the success that provided me the soapbox in the first place.’

At this time people are viewed as disposable by many. Others find us useful as pawns needed to cash in on our steadily increasing reliance on the poisons sold over-the-counter or by ‘prescription only’. One reason for the ‘prescription only’ is for tracking. Many, many pharmaceuticals that are available in America ‘by prescription only’ are not sold in other countries and many that are sold in other countries do not require a prescription. The cost variation is staggering. The American people and our insurance companies are being used to pay for the information and processing of information. A tablet of dapsone in the USA is $14.00 and it can only be prescribed by a Dermatologist. A tablet of dapsone in Cambodia is 10 cents and does not require a prescription.

Teyana Viscarra said today: ‘we are at a time of ‘emotional and spiritual awakening . . . I am honored to be here Standing with Standing Rock, standing with this movement . . . This is not the time to be on the fence . . . If it is not costing you something you are probably not standing’

The time for action is now. The indigenous people have been peaceful, and in response the Uber-wealthy have continued to use Washington D.C. as their ‘guilty pleasure’. We are awake and aware now, and the elite are facing the consequences of their choices. The poisons in our water, food, air and on the land is going into their water, food, air and is being put on their land too. One group of elites wants global genocide and another profits from massive numbers of people on the planet.

On the ground at Cannon Ball and Standing Rock in North Dakota today, these people are trying to share information and video. Journalists from major alternative media and mainstream media have not been allowed. THIS IS A COMPLETE SHREDDING OF OUR CONSTITUTION. America is at War, a civil war rages. Today’s action against the non-violent peaceful demonstrators is a warning to the water protectors (local, national, global) that the global elite has no respect for the planet or for the people. While the games continue, the reality can no longer be hidden from our eyes, our ears and our being:

Today, we raise ourselves up to the challenge:

we stand – We Stand – WE STAND!

United we stand (a chance) … Divided we F A I L

‘False Consciousness or Class Awareness? Local Income Inequality, Personal Economic Position, and Belief in American Meritocracy’: Benjamin J. Newman, Christopher D. Johnston, and Patrick L. Lown, American Journal of Political Science, April 2015
(d) http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/poverty/overview
(f) FB: Teyana Viscarra 4-part write up on this movement.

Postscript: If people do not wake up – welcome to the future

Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ in the Year 2020

  1. There will be no voting by the citizens of the states. Voting will take place on November 3rd with a confirmation vote taking place on November 10th. Votes will be submitted from the Senators, Congressman and duly elected representatives by secret ballot.

  2. Persons in the USA who were not born in the USA and who are not naturalised citizens on or by November 3rd 2020 will be returned to their country of birth.

  3. Persons too young to be considered for naturalization may be given special consideration to remain in the USA if a waver application has been approved on or before November 3rd 2020

  4. Land line telephones will not be permitted on US territory on or by November 3rd 2020.

  5. All communication tools must be registered locally identifying town, city, county and state. Only persons registered with the communication device are permitted to use the communication device. Persons who have not been approved for use of communication device must submit an application with accompanying medical assessment review to obtain government [control, mind] approval before being added as a communication device approved user.

  6. Foreign partners include China which owns 80% of the home ‘mortgages’ in the US, Russia which owns 50% of the metal and mineral mining rights and Antarctica which owns 100% of the Space and Aeronautics Industry have agreed to work with the US military in re-organization.

  7. Individuals who are without limitations or restrictions are identified as the Primary human resource.

  8. Primaries will be located or relocated to the town, city or county area and placed in an accommodation which is defined as suitable for the primary to function in the position to which they have been assigned. If suitable amenities are available to accommodate additional persons to whom the primary is attached then these persons may be included in the transition to the assigned accommodation. If amenities (desired by the government aka mind control) deemed as necessary for successful transition by the leaders are not available then persons – family or other – will not relocate with the primary.

    1. Persons above the age of 50 who are not primaries and who do not transition with family will be placed in accommodation in the location where their skill is needed. If the over50 is required to cross state border and relocate to a state which does not have a Shared Vision ‘SV’ partnership. The over50 will be required to live in a probation facility. Upon successful completion of the probation period the over50 will be placed in accommodation as deemed appropriate by the state.

    2. Primaries who are the sole provider for a child or children will be assessed equally to primaries who are unencumbered. Where amenities are available to accommodate a child or children the child or children may be allowed.

    3. Persons who are defined as able human resources will be placed in support roles which are expected to result in the primaries being fully able to complete their assignments.

    4. Persons who are defined as human resources will be placed in accommodation and assigned to tasks according to their single assessment report summary and available placements.

    5. Persons who are unable to be placed in a human resource assignment will be housed in the accommodation which is identified by the state.
      a1) Primaries can request human resources be placed in the assigned accommodation to look after a family member who would otherwise be placed in a state selected facility.
      a2) Primaries can request that a family member or members who cannot relocate with the primary be maintained as a family unit with a state selected human resource to support this accommodation.
      a3) A single parent primary placed in their current state of residence or a state with a SV can request a human resource to maintain the child(ren) and any additional persons who are recognised as non-human resource family members.
      a4) Human resources will remain in the state where they are registered unless a primary has requested this human resource and the primary is placed in a different state to the one in which they are registered at the time of re-location. The human resource who is requested by the primary which are accepted as reasonable by the state will then be given training to learn the rules and regulations which differ from the state of departure.


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