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Testimony to the Light Children – for Mary Rodwell


Mary Rodwell is a researcher into the Light Children – those who have contact with higher dimensional teachers. Mary Rodwell’s website

A video of Mary Rodwell talking about her new book, ‘The New Humans’:





Recently, Mary asked us for  an overview of our ‘in depth understanding of the New Kids and what they need to support them holistically such as diet etc.’

Here is our video response:


This is the text :

Hello Mary – thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk to the children and their families, and to share this information about the Light Children with a wider audience.

Our work together started in 1997 when I came to America to meet Sandra and Sara. (The information is complex, but it is intrinsically understood by those who are awakening.)

The information Sandra sent to me in 1997 led to my understanding that the enteric immune system of those known as ‘autists’ has evolved to define the light signature of the pigment known as lutein as ‘non-self’. The immune system is that part of our consciousness that understands what we are and what we are not. I realized that a being that defines ‘self’ and ‘not-self’ by light signature rather than amino acid signature can no longer be seen as biological in nature, but as a ‘light being’.

(As the signaling pathways within the enteric nervous system becomes ever more complex, it develops into what is now being called ‘The Second Brain’.)

There is a vast network of nerves surrounding the esophagus, stomach and intestines of such complexity that it is called the ‘second brain’ and it has more neurotransmitters than anywhere else in the entire nervous system.

The gut’s brain plays a major role in human happiness and misery. Many gastrointestinal disorders like colitis and irritable bowel syndrome originate from problems within the gut’s brain. Gastrointestinal disorders are very prevalent in the autistic population. This work was verified by Dr Andrew Wakefield, who was vilified by the medical and political establishment for proving that there was a direct causal relationship between vaccination, gastrointestinal illness and autism.

We have seen how multiple chemical sensitivities and food intolerances are increasing exponentially in the human population, as well as the social phenomena of special diets, people with complex sensitivity disorders, immune-compromised conditions, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, neurological disorders, mental illnesses, brain cancers, and thyroid illnesses, all of which are different manifestations of an upgraded response of the human immune system to toxins and vaccinations.

The ‘enteric system’ is regulated in its awakening by a complex system of neurotransmitters, including powerful endogenous and exogenous opioids, or opiate-like substances, which have been found in people with autism and related conditions including schizophrenia. The enteric system itself is responsible for the manufacture and storage of these opiates (such as gliadomorphins) and does so through a sensitivity to gluten and casein containing foods, which are tagged, converted into amino acid chains and chirally ‘switched’ into powerful mu opioids. This is based on the work of Paul Shattock, Panksepp, Kalle Reichelt and others, which is the only area where diet has been properly explored by medical science, with the exception of Cocchi, who explored the phenol sensitivity aspect of autism. Great care has to be taken with the replacement substances, when diet changes are made.

At this time, many functions of the enteric nervous system are entirely shut down, protecting us from the overwhelming waves of emotional and sensory-neural information that we would be experiencing if fully awake at this time. This shutting down effects many systems including the limbic system or mammalian brain, which is responsible for the development of emotional attachment, parenting and social behaviors, as well as learning and language development in all mammals. This is the key to understanding the social and communication aspects of autism. The brain research showed an immature development of the limbic system. When we remove lutein from the diet, the immune system releases its control on the limbic system, and the emotional and language development of the autistic child can restart. We have seen this awakening happen in thousands of children and adults starting a lutein-free diet, demonstrating that lutein is the key to unlocking autism.

The Light Children are here at this time to assist in the awakening of humanity and the preparation for ascension. Not all of them are diagnosed with autism. The psychological paradigm does not understand autism or Light Children so cannot be relied on to give accurate diagnoses. Only by seeing autism in the light of lutein intolerance, altered serotonin and pigment metabolism and the changes in brain chemistry can we fully recognize the individual needs of the children, and address those needs.

The pigment metabolism changes leads to sensory overload and chemical and environmental sensitivities, showing the importance of environmental modifications and sensitivity to ensure the safety and comfort of the child.

The learning environment needs to be totally child centered and child led. These children are here with an essential mission to prepare humanity for the changes that are coming. We need to provide them with all the resources and help they need to fulfill their mission.

We have a wealth of knowledge and resources that we can offer to guide and help families and educational centers to fully meet the needs of the children. We can teach individually or in groups, and provide one-on-one programs or small group programs to help the children develop and meet their goals and full potentials. We would like to open teaching centers and transitional communities, where these programs and opportunities can be offered.

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