Cumberland Academy

Sara’s Diet

The results were astounding and many children with autism recovered fully and were declassified.

Sara’s Diet is essentially a lutein-free diet with specific modifications and recommendations. A list of the main lutein-containing foods that we remove are listed here:

It is not difficult to remove these foods from the diet. In fact many autists already refuse to eat lutein foods. The difficulty is in building a diet that is going to lead to full recovery because of the specific nutrient needs of the autist which vary according to many factors, and will change as the recovery process progresses. That is why we urge people to engage with us in a consultation process.

The best way to start is to email us at and ask us questions. You can also phone us anytime ay 2765252460

Our work is to help people.

It is also very helpful to read the booklet that we wrote which gives a lot more information. It is available for $10 here:

Introduction to Sara’s Diet

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