Off-grid, Prepping & Homeschooling Resources

1. Fruit Walls: Urban Farming in the 1600s

From the sixteenth to the twentieth century, urban farmers grew Mediterranean fruits and vegetables as far north as England and the Netherlands, using only renewable energy.

These crops were grown surrounded by massive “fruit walls”, which stored the heat from the sun and released it at night, creating a microclimate that could increase the temperature by more than 10°C (18°F

2. Deschooling for parents

The benefits of homeschooling are much more difficult to access until parents deschool – that is, until they begin to look at their children’s education independently of the way things “have to be done” in school.

As you begin to homeschool and continue over the years, you will find yourself rethinking many things in light of what seems typical of schools.

3. Deschooling for children

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5. A step by step guide to cold smoke preservation using primitive means.

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11. Build a solar generator

How to Build Your Own DIY Solar Generator | Reviews and Guides for Building Your Own Kit

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13. Growing Potatoes in Grow bags

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