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The Agarthan colonies – access to inner earth via stargates 'The Agarthan colonies were established as a natural result of the primary stargates which are doorways from the galaxy and which provide entry and exit portals' (extract from 'The Kingmakers)

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It is worse than we thought. Bayer, Merck & Monsanto are creators of the zombie apocalypse

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‘Age of Deceit’ – Illuminati Cult and the satanic programming of our children through ‘entertainment’ mass media A 3 hour documentary from XtremeRealityCheck. YouTube channel reveals in great detail the satanic cult that hides in plain sight.

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New Year Message from ‘Medicine Tribe’

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Appalachian Refuge Center, Autism Research, Awakening, Cumberland Academy, Medicine teachings, Revelations, TheAwakening

Cumberland Academy Newsletter – December edition

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