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Pistis Sophia

I'm spending a lot of time reading right now, especially the Gnostic texts.This is the "Pistis Sophia" which I first heard about in 1983 at a Hurtak conference in Switzerland. Pistis Sophia describes Jesus teachings to his disciples after his Ascension to Heaven. Pistis Sophia online at Pistis Sophia Pistis Sophia (Greek: Πίστις Σοφία) is a Gnostic text… Continue reading Pistis Sophia

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Levels of Ascension

  Sandra woke with the following information on Ascension, on 26th July 2017. She shared it with me as a 'question and answer' session that we recorded. Here is a link to the soundcloud recording of the session: Full transcript: You mentioned the 144,000. What level are they moving to? That is a… Continue reading Levels of Ascension