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The new human — empathic ‘service to others’

Empathic ‘service to others’

with excerpts from Mary Rodwell’s book ‘The New Human, Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage’

Families, children and adults share their stories of encounters with non-human intelligences and their understanding of an intimate connection genetically. Are non-human intelligences assisting humanity to evolve into a new aware specie?

The New Human — Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage

“I was shown that the empathic makeup of the vibrational upgrade is programmed in such a way that it is ever evolving due to personal experience on an individual level…

I was shown energetic key points that are created through experience that manifest as active components we carry in our energy field.

When I am amongst people in any way, some kind of activation takes place. So everything we experience empathically builds a library of vibration that is in service to others”

Higher Journeys Radio podcast — The New Human with Mary Rodwell

“The new generations of children do not appear to have these limitations … they seem to intuitively know they are here to help humanity shift in consciousness.”

“They are not broken or dysfunctional genes. Instead they offer new multidimensional skills to prevent limited reprogramming of a 3rd dimensional reality”.

Dr. Olson, molecular biologist

So you can understand that *Contact* is so important, as the upgrade happens through energetic transfer as well as telepathic downloads.

Human Design also teaches that the New Human (9-centered being, or RAVE) is upgraded through energetic contact of the auric field.

Conditioning occurs when we are within the auric field of a person or being who has the intention to control or manipulate us. This has happened individually, or in a group setting where many auras overlap, such as a family or school setting. As we know, the field extends out from the body about 6 feet in all directions.

This is why we should never make decisions within the aura of someone who is trying to control or manipulate us. Autistic/ADHD children solve this problem by being removed from the classroom by displaying disruptive behavior.

Highlights from this insightful episode with Mary Rodwell:

  • Who are the star children (also called star seeds) and why are they here now?
  • The star children and “autism” – Is there a connection?
  • Are autistic individuals predisposed to “higher knowledge?”
  • The upgrading of human consciousness to undo 3D conditioning.
  • The autism debate – what is the real cause?
  • Some scientists are saying that some autistic children are telepathic – How is this playing out in day-to-day life and what are the parents saying?
  • How some children can pick up on other’s thoughts and suffer from “sensory overload.”
  • The importance of nutrients and vitamin supplements for “star children.”
  • Foods and frequency – How is what we eat affecting our ability to raise our energetic frequency?
  • Is the drug Ritalin purposely slowing down the frequency of these children?
  • The genetic modification of some humans – is it happening in utero and who is doing the modifying?
  • Conception without intimacy? Are we talking about immaculate conception?
  • “The missing pregnancy syndrome.”
  • Are there hybrid beings and if so, how are they getting here?
  • “Space schools” and “Night schools” – What are they and who’s attending?
  • Are some of these children being targeted by “covert groups?”
  • The multidimensional aspects of psychic ability with these children.
  • Is there a connection between these “new” humans and a condition known as synesthesia?
  • Which non-human species are these children most familiar with?
  • Suggestions from the star children for increasing our energetic frequency.
  • How do we begin the process of taking these humans seriously and reforming our society for the better based on their presence on this planet?
  • Just how much of the planet is “waking up?”

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