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The Quickening

'Quickening' in the Bible Leviticus 13:10and the priest hath seen, and lo, a white rising in the skin, and it hath turned the hair white, and a quickening of raw flesh is in the rising, Leviticus 13:24'Or when flesh hath in its skin a fiery burning, and the quickening of the burning, the bright white spot, hath been very red… Continue reading The Quickening

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Their Need For Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall .

"The Holy Roman Empire Still exists. Their Symbolism is everywhere. Since the days of Charlemagne 25th December 800 AD, to the present day, the Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire are still in charge. Their Need For Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall . This thread was created by @Nasty1 on twitter

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The Truth About the Mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’ in Texas Viziv Technologies, the party responsible for the construction of the tower in Milford, has similar goals. If their experiments with the tower are successful, this would mean they can safely and wirelessly transmit energy between any two points on the globe. Their aim is to utilize the Zenneck surface wave, an electromagnetic wave that… Continue reading The Truth About the Mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’ in Texas

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The ‘rightful heir’ to the Scottish throne A GERMAN who became a princess after marrying into the little-known Liechtenstein royal family would lay claim to being Scotland's next rightful hereditary queen if laws banning Catholics on the throne were repealed. (source: daily express)