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TRAIL OF TEARS to TRAIL OF HOPE Amerindians – Indiana Territory

Please visit Polly's blog and thank her for sharing this history Surname Saturday - The Cherokee Fishers My great great great grandfather, Johnson Fisher, was the first generation of my Fisher ancestors to use that surname. On the 1852 Drennen Roll, he was listed simply as Johnson. His father was listed as Fisher. No… Continue reading TRAIL OF TEARS to TRAIL OF HOPE Amerindians – Indiana Territory

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ERNEST: Life in a mining town

In 1904, the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal Company began deep mining in Ernest, Pennsylvania. In 1965, the industry there came to an end. Between these two dates, people lived out their lives in this small community northwest of Indiana, where for over sixty years every facet of existence revolved around the digging of coal from… Continue reading ERNEST: Life in a mining town

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Bear clan

There is a Cherokee Bear legend about the Ani Tsaguhi.  http:www.firstpeople us/.  A young man from this clan makes his way more and more frequently to the mountains.  After a while his parents notice that the young man is growing long brown hair.  He is transforming and wants to live away from the people.  His… Continue reading Bear clan

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Cherokee Clans

Cherokee Clan System Cherokee Clans were extended families that lived in the same area, clans were historically matrilineal and taken very seriously. Cherokee's considered it as we would think of consanguinity (one cousin to another) today. A clan was given at birth (through your mother) and kept a lifetime. A man and woman were not allowed… Continue reading Cherokee Clans

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The new human — empathic ‘service to others’

Empathic 'service to others' with excerpts from Mary Rodwell's book 'The New Human, Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage' Families, children and adults share their stories of encounters with non-human intelligences and their understanding of an intimate connection genetically. Are non-human intelligences assisting humanity to evolve into a new aware specie? The New Human -- Awakening… Continue reading The new human — empathic ‘service to others’