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Human Design confirmations — recognition of your ‘Type’

The information from human design can seem very esoteric and distant until you experience how it works in your life. By recognizing your type and the strategy it gives you for changing the way you function in the world, the knowledge suddenly becomes very real and personal.


As a Generator you have spent your whole life trying to live up to the expectations of others. Everyone has told you what you SHOULD do to be happy, to be successful, to be a good person. And this has led only to frustration. Because no matter how hard you tried, those promises were never fulfilled.

Human Design gives each type a Strategy for overcoming the negative effects of conditioning. For the Generator it is called ‘Wait to Respond’. Do not act on what you think you should do. Wait until your body signals tell you what is right for you. These signals are generated from the Sacral Center and you can learn to listen to them and respond to them. Stop worrying, Life will come to you no matter what. As a Generator you attract all the good things in life and you just have to wait for them to arrive.


Manifestors are misfits and are perceived as difficult to get along with. This is from an article written by a Manifestor;–

“Because we act unconsciously and create an impact that we are not aware of. Consequently, what comes in return is negativity feeding into a negative view of ourselves or the world or both. Over time, this vicious circle creates the internalized anger which is so hard to live with. Not just for me, also for those around me, as the anger energizes the impact.”

The strategy for manifestors is “To inform”. Recognizing the impact you have on others leads to an understanding of others and why they act towards you in a negative, controlling or hostile way. Learn how to inform people of what you are doing so that they learn to trust you and allow you to act spontaneously which is your natural way of being.


Projectors are sometimes referred to as the “seers” of society, and due to their depth of vision, they are here to guide. Because they often have a strong connection to the imagination, their role is to direct other types to bring ideas to reality by directing energy. As a result, most adult Projectors make good leaders, coaches, advisors.

The key strategy for Projectors is “Wait to be invited” The following passage is from a post by a projector:–

The Human Design Projector Strategy: Wait for the Recognition and Invitation

“Projectors often end up feeling bitter because we don’t know that our aura penetrates the aura of the other person so deeply and directly, at times causing the other to feel like their boundaries have been crossed.

If you’re not given permission to share what you have to say, then your words can be taken as projections, attacks, or as being hurtful. Your words can also be ignored and your ideas can even be stolen. As you can see, this creates a lot of dilemmas for Projectors because we don’t know this unique aspect of our aura we were born with has specific requirements that need to occur in order for us to share our wisdom.”


Reflectors are absolutely special, unique and mystical beings. They feel that they are different, but often do not know why or what it is that makes them different. Because nobody explained to them how special and different they are, they are often very confused and live their life full of disenchantment and disappointment.

Being a Reflector, you have no fixed definition, no channels, and no centers, therefore no reliable source of a personal Authority.

Reflector Strategy – Don`t initiate with your mind but wait a lunar cycle

The Reflector Strategy is so connected to the lunar cycle. As the moon moves through the 64 gates of the Mandala and activates the hanging gates of the Reflector every 28 days, it creates a reliable pattern that repeats itself every month. By following his/her unique lunar cycle, the Reflector begins to gradually discover this pattern, find him/her self in this pattern and starts to trust this pattern slowly but surely.

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