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Best pro-Trump #MAGA YouTube channels

We are under attack! They are making it more and more difficult for people to find Conservative, pro-Trump right-leaning commentators.

We need to support our YouTubers!

Here is my first compilation of Conservative, pro – Trump #MAGA and #QAnon YouTube channels that I love and support. I will try to add more every day.

Please add, comment, recommend and share.

1. The Best Closer

Late-Night broadcasts with Solid Conservative Pro-Trump host Mike Closer. Livestreamed interactive discussion of political developments with regular guests such as Tracy Beanz.

2. Redpill78

Evening livestreamed with great commentary and chat.

3. Dan Bongino

Podcast. Former secret service agent and regular Fox Contributor gives his commentary and insight on days events.

4. Citizens Investigative Report

Katie G. Regular deep dives into Q and related topics.

5. Your Voice America

Daily podcast with Conservative political commentator Bill Mitchell with regular guests.

6. Golden State Times

Livestreams all President Trump Events.

7. Amazing Polly

In depth reports and investigations into Global Narcissistic Culture and New World Order Agenda. #NXIVM #QAnon #MindControl

8. DNajlion7

Torah Evangelist Daniel Lee daily videos on political developments with a focus on exposing satanic pedophilia. Website: Torah Restoration Ministries

9. Black Conservative Patriot

Conservative libertarian perspectives on politics and events

10. The Patriot Hour

Daily livestreams with a focus on #QAnon

11. Deplorable McAllister

Deep dives, snarky wit, ruthless pursuit of the truth

I look forward to your comments recommendations and additions of solid #TRUMP2020 YouTube channels. Contact me via Twitter at @CumberlandAcad2
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