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Gospel of the Beloved Companion

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion, also known as
The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalen, is the first English translation of a previously unpublished first-century gospel of the same name.

Originally written in Alexandrian Greek and brought from Egypt to the Languedoc in Southern France during the early to middle part of the first century, this exceptional manuscript has been preserved within the author’s spiritual community since that period.

What Is Truth?

In 2010, Jehanne De Quillan published ‘The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene’.

De Quillan is a member of an independent religious order rooted in the Languedoc region of southern France. The order claims a spiritual lineage to Mary Magdalene, who is said to have come to the region in the first century, bringing with her an original Greek text of her own version of the story of the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.

From the Gospel of the Beloved Companion [PDF]

‘The narrative is simple and powerful, and conveys vividly the non-dual state from which Yeshua spoke and taught: “Have I not told you that I am in the Spirit as the Spirit is in me? It is man who sees only poverty, for he sees with the eyes of the master of the world. But where man sees poverty, the Spirit sees only abundance.”

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: A Rich Spiritual Treasure

“My master spoke thus to me. He said, ‘Miryam,

blessed are you who came into being before coming into being, and whose eyes are set upon the kingdom”

The Fly in the Ointment: The Mysteries of Mary Magdalene

‘Mary Magdalene was the principle witness of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as told in the Christian gospels: the grief-stricken scarlet woman at the foot of the cross, clutching her jar of ointment, her hair loose like that of the maenads.

Yet by the sixth century, Mary, once called the Tower, had fallen into disrepute as a sinner and prostitute.

Mary was never a martyr, but tradition has her exiled to a solitary cave, where she was not a threat to the established church until she emerged after the rediscovery of the heretical Gnostic texts.

In these, Mary Magdalene is the beloved companion of Jesus, the disciple who “knew the all.”

“The clear and consistent message of Jesus’s teaching in this gospel is simple, yet deep and very beautiful. It is this: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, a seed of the Living Spirit waiting to be discovered, nurtured and cultivated. And it is to be lived into the world outside you.”

Two Trees in the Garden:-
Thoughts on a New Spirituality

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