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Pistis Sophia

I’m spending a lot of time reading right now, especially the Gnostic texts.

This is the “Pistis Sophia” which I first heard about in 1983 at a Hurtak conference in Switzerland.

Pistis Sophia describes Jesus teachings to his disciples after his Ascension to Heaven.

Pistis Sophia online at

Pistis Sophia

Pistis Sophia (Greek: Πίστις Σοφία) is a Gnostic text discovered in 1773, and was possibly written between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

It presents the teachings of the transfigured Jesus to the assembled disciples, including his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha.

Transfigured” refers to Jesus after his death and resurrection.

In this text, the risen Jesus spent eleven years speaking with his disciples, teaching them only the lower mysteries. After eleven years, he receives his “True Garment” and is able to reveal the higher mysteries:–

“It came to pass, through the command of that mystery, that there should be sent me my Light-vesture, which it had given me from the beginning, and which I had left behind in the last mystery, that is the four-and-twentieth mystery from within without,—those which are in the orders of the second space of the First Mystery. That Vesture then I left behind in the last mystery, until the time should be completed to put it on, and I should begin to discourse with the race of men and reveal unto them all from the beginning of the Truth to its completion.” (Pistis Sophia Ch.1)

The prized mysteries relate to complex cosmologies and knowledge necessary for the soul to reach the highest divine realms.

According to the Pistis Sophia, Christ came down from the First Mystery, (which has a trinitarian quality), where he comes to rescue the fallen Sophia who has become entrapped by the Demiurge.

Indeed, this is the great plan of redemption for humanity as well, for we too have fallen victim to the control systems of these gods who themselves have fallen out of alignment with the Creator.

The first book recalls a dramatic story of how in the process of Christ’s rescue of Sophia, he reduces the power of the archons by one-third and throws their systems of organization and control into chaos.”

Who are the Archons?

“Archons are parasitic entities which are intelligence driven mind predators. They exist on multiple dimensions, able to slip from one dimension to another within the lower frequencies of the 6th, through to 1st  dimensions.”

Archontic Virus Infection
(Alloya Huckfield)

According to Comparative Mythologist John Lash, the Sophianic myth aspect of the mysteries — the pre-Christian pagan mysteries — are amongst the most suppressed works in our history:

“Historically speaking, the story of the Aeon Sophia, which you can consider as a narrative — call it a narrative, or a myth, whichever you like — has been the single most repressed piece of knowledge in all of human history. And we’re extremely lucky that we have even been able to recover this piece of knowledge from the mystery schools, this gem of a narrative, because of documents that were discovered in Egypt in 1945 [and other very scant materials in disordered condition].”

John Lash’s metahistory

Further Reading

“Sophia and the Archons” by Miguel Conner

El-ites in California – gold dust, demonic possession and the gate of the dead

“There are many alien races who are like us in their search for divine spiritual truths, and who are also, misled via many corrupted religious beliefs which ultimately can be traced back to the same Satanic-Archontic-Parasitic game plan.”

Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee

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