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Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

Commentary on "Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten" by GRS Mead “Mr. Mead's aim has been to enable the reader to obtain a glimpse of a world of which he has never heard at school, and of which no word is ever breathed from the pulpit . . . to take him away from the pictures… Continue reading Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

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Pistis Sophia

I'm spending a lot of time reading right now, especially the Gnostic texts.This is the "Pistis Sophia" which I first heard about in 1983 at a Hurtak conference in Switzerland. Pistis Sophia describes Jesus teachings to his disciples after his Ascension to Heaven. Pistis Sophia online at Pistis Sophia Pistis Sophia (Greek: Πίστις Σοφία) is a Gnostic text… Continue reading Pistis Sophia

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Harald Kautz Vella interview Harald Kautz Vella shares his insights into demonetization, living off-grid, 5G and Smart grid technology, the origins of humanity, the Annunaki and how we need to return to the heart

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Appalachian Refuge Center

Building a sustainable off-grid transitional community and transformative educational center . . .Medicine Tribe and Cumberland Academy who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.' John 7:38Appalachian Refuge CenterNear the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area; an off-grid… Continue reading Appalachian Refuge Center

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Prison Planet – This is my Father’s world

'God the Creator, the God of Love and Mercy entrapped the demonic force energy on the planet Mercury and under the Mountain of Earth, called Mount Shasta, chained for the End Time dispersion of dark force energy. ' Ascension Earth - Birth of a New Sun 'Meet the Ancients' by Cumberland academy 'Ascension Earth -… Continue reading Prison Planet – This is my Father’s world

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The Guardians have spoken – there are no secrets

When Freedom of Speech was understood to be as big a potential weapon as dynamite the force was used to change the course of history. Link to Steemit article - Wait until you find out the restructuring plan for the PHARMACEUTICAL cartel. 'We have all descended from the ancestors and the ancestors spirits know of… Continue reading The Guardians have spoken – there are no secrets

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The Origins of Evil

Q. What is the origin of the sexualized child sacrifice rituals of the 'elites'? The Abrahamic Seed After the destruction of Atlantis and the ensuing global catastrophe, a new upgraded seeding of Humans happened on Earth – the Abrahamic seed. These new humans interacted with the Asian, Mediterranean, African and Atlantean humans who had survived… Continue reading The Origins of Evil