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The Guardians have spoken – there are no secrets

When Freedom of Speech was understood to be as big a potential weapon as dynamite the force was used to change the course of history.

Link to Steemit article – Wait until you find out the restructuring plan for the PHARMACEUTICAL cartel.

‘We have all descended from the ancestors and the ancestors spirits know of our journey, their spirits are reborn and they are with us, they are US. As infants some, many, most forgot who they are and what they incarnated for in this time of the Great Awakening. Some, many, most who are arriving now are awakened and their spirits are determined to enlighten and awaken the sleeping masses to the error of our complacency, ignorance and tolerance of deception.

There are many elders and ancients, Guardians who also journey with us and whose futures are dependent on the actions which we take now. It is understood that these Guardians of earth and The People are working with the wounded, disheartened and disabled.

The results of the systematic assault on US by pharmaceutical research, deep state compartmentalized secret programs and military have led to a society which now controls the greatest military super power ever known and who have been controlled by greedy criminals that use The People as human test subjects in their plan to have 5G, quantum computing run the world for them in NEOM – robot city.

It is not happening. Their NEOM city is going to be the solid steel bars of their GITMO cages and We the People will be able to work with the Guardians to clean up the mess we have made on mother earth. We have no choice except to take response ability.’

The Guardians have spoken – There are no secrets.

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Message from the Ancients – April 24th 2017 – MedicineTribe

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United we stand (a chance) … Divided we F.A.I.L.

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