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WTF is going on with our social media?

crisis actor

‘Many, many people are sharing important, interesting and enlightening information and using the resources which are made available through this wonderful resource we call internet. However, the AI is using us at the same time to build stronger and more dangerous technology, to take over the monetary system and further restrict access to our true history and realization of our potential.’

Link to Steemit article: WTF is going on with our social media #ResurectDTI and time wasting activities

‘We are in a time when taking back control of our sovereignty is within reach. However, we have failed to recognize that the breakdown of social order is the goal of the AI and it will do this through control of the monetary system.’


‘Change is gonna come and it may be a difficult change but the 5G, quantum DWave computing is dangerous, more dangerous than the atom bomb, Fukushima and DARPA. Worse than the Haiti tsunami and Nepal earthquakes. At some point ‘We the People’ say enough is enough, we demand the truth.’

Global Witness youtube channel


‘The Archonic plan did not include the coming of the Christ and this placed a great dilemma on the Deceiver’s agenda for the destruction of yet another of God’s creation. The creation of a false religion manifested and we are living in a time where this false religion is being used to control us. The great wealth provided to the people who embrace this religion has been a distraction that has allowed for the deceptions of the past to continue.’

‘The Kingmakers’ by Cumberland Academy (2017)


‘The Archons established the practice of ‘kingmakers’ on Earth’s surface about 12,000 years ago. The history was written and the people were selected to play the main roles towards leading us to the present day.’




United we stand (a chance) … Divided we F.A.I.L.

contact: sojmed@gmail.com


Follow the White Rabbit – Patent on evil

by Cumberland academy

‘While we were sleeping, the history was written. While ‘We’ were daydreaming, the Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’ needing no sleep, harvested ‘US’, used ‘US’, abused ‘US’

And today ‘We’ are at the point of AI worship.’

The artificial intelligence (AI) and shadow government are trying to convince the general public that our internet is at risk of being controlled by the government.

We ‘The People’ are the government.

A documented history of our consciousness awakening – this book explores the many levels of deception and lies that operate in our world



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