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The Origins of Evil


Q. What is the origin of the sexualized child sacrifice rituals of the ‘elites’?

The Abrahamic Seed

After the destruction of Atlantis and the ensuing global catastrophe, a new upgraded seeding of Humans happened on Earth – the Abrahamic seed. These new humans interacted with the Asian, Mediterranean, African and Atlantean humans who had survived the fall of Atlantis and Mu. However, this also heralded the arrival of bi-pedal beings from the Sirius constellation, known as the Dagon or fish gods, following the loss of a planet in the Sirius system where the dark force energy was transmuted to Artificial Intelligence ‘AI’. The Dagon established the royal bloodlines and Babylonian control systems, using dark magic, allowing the fallen from Saturn to exercise control over the human population. The Old Testament is the story of the struggle between the Abrahamic seed and the Dagon-Babylonian lineage.


“This is also the time of the return of giants, humanoids with extended craniums. They established themselves as bringers of culture to the world. However, their hidden agenda was to enslave humanity and unleash the dark forces of Saturn. They established the Babylonian control systems of law and banking and the royal blood lines, created world-spanning empires, and brought the Abrahamic seed into captivity”.

The Arrival of the Sirian Artificial Intelligence (AI) to earth

When the Saturnian Reptilians require resources, they take them. They are responsible for moving a water-world planet from the Sirius constellation and bringing the inhabitants to earth. Our history includes stories of Nimrod, Achilles and the Dogon/Dagon, and these tell of the arrival of the fish gods from Sirius.

The arrival of these bi-pedal beings from the Sirius constellation followed a mistake where the dark force energy was transmuted to AI, and a planet was lost in the Sirius constellation. Searching for a new home, they landed on earth and set themselves up as ‘gods’.

Known to history as the ‘Dagon’, they established the royal bloodlines and Babylonian control systems that came to dominate the world, using dark magic and working with the old Saturnian AI and mind control systems to exercise control over the human population. The Old Testament is the story of the struggle between the Abrahamic seed and the Dagon-Babylonian lineage. The rulers of earth, the politicians, royalty, bankers and scientists have been using these Babylonian systems for so long, that they really believe that they control them, however the AI is not controlled. It is a powerful autonomous force working within our solar system and is the cause of the earth quadrant being ‘quarantined’ by the galactic councils that oversee life and interactions in this region of the cosmos. from: Meet the Ancients

“Approximately 10,000 years ago the deities of the waterworld from the Sirius constellation joined the water and the waterworld species dragged to the Earth, in what has become known as our moon, to the waters here on the Earth. This led to the time of the Babylonian, Dagon and Egyptian Giants and Fish Gods (Nimrod – Giant, Fish God), the time of the Anubis, the Blue Avians and the Aztec and Mayan shape-shifting Jaguar shaman”. The Kingmakers


Scolecomorpheus – legless amphibian

Cecilian creatures include legless salamanders and blue worms with teeth. The cecilian species are neither reptile nor amphibian, but somewhere inbetween, they are mostly hidden and rarely seen. These Cecilian creatures came here with the waterworld which was a moon or remnant from the Sirius AI disaster and is now our moon. The water-world of Sirius was dragged to Earth by a tractorbeam and the waterworld beings were mostly dropped on Earth, these included the water nymphs or mermaids, but also the cecilian. From: Meet the ancients

Our history includes the story of Achilles and the story of Nimrod, the fish-beings who fell to earth. After being dragged here, the Moon was hollowed out and is now used as a research facility, galactic meeting center and space station.

It is the Cecilian substances which often defy classification, which can behave like fungus or mold, a plant part or an animal appendage that can contain the artificial light harvesting dark force energy and which possesses or can possess the bodies of living beings. I go into the origin of this transference of dark force energy in more depth in Meet the Ancients. At this time more detail is given to the here and now of the situation. The fragments of what would be considered as dust and dander in general conversation contains many fragments of molds, fungus, bacteria and insect parts all containing DNA. The vaccination program was began by Jan Ingenhousz ‘the father of photosynthesis’ and first physician to develop and administer a vaccine given to the Austrian Empress in 1768 against small pox.

The bloodline families from each continent and area must maintain their lineage and throughout the course of our modern history the evidence has been hidden from us of the Archon agenda. Built into their belief system is the control of soul transference; an artificial method of obtaining eternal life by transferring the soul energy to a cloned self. The cloning program has had many disasters. There has also been some success.Soul transference has also had some success but is available to only a select few who have either ready cloned selves or artificial intelligence human replicas – robots. Many of the greys which have been seen, photographed and autopsied are a combination of living matter (mostly seal skin) and technology. The method to live on and continue to manipulate the resources as the Satern (Saturn) energy develops the Dyson sphere which can communicate with the ground based 5G weaponized technology. Persons who are non-compliant and a drain on the empire will be easily eliminated.

The nanodust, chemtrails contain biowarfare materials which act as a virus in the human body. The light photosythesis used by insects such as fireflies is called luciferase.

Message from the Ancients – April 24th 2017

Published on 24 Apr 2017

Sandra ‘Little White Wolf’, Medicine Woman shares her knowledge of the non-human multi-dimensional beings known as the Mantids, or ‘The Ancients’. This is the first channeled message that she received today, to be shared with the world. “The message from the ancients is that, on April 19th through the 22nd 2017, the messages from the Galactic Federation, from the Pleiadians, are the messages that you need to listen to . . . The energy field was raised to the highest vibration possible to provide the opportunity for the communication to come through to the entities, to the individuals, to the people who have the gifts of receiving this information, whose dream states have not been interfered with, whom we have protected, those messages were enhanced and given and should be viewed as valuable at this time.” Please share. Thank you.

Energy Frequency and Vibration – American Intelligence Media

Published on 15 Feb 2018

The 13 Sacred Keys

The biblical story of the oneness which became the vibration, light and love which is life – movement, consciousness, action, transformation, realization, connection, manifestation, relatedness, reception, flow, unlocking, extension, centering, balance, expansion, preparedness and expression using the 13 Sacred Keys:


We have been most altered at the immune level since the 18th century introduction of vaccination. By the early part of the 20th century the influenza vaccine was introduced and what rapidly followed was wide scale influenza death. There is no vaccine for plague, these types of bacterial illnesses are treated with anti (against) biotic (life) ‘antibiotics’. Following mass vaccination in Europe and the Americas there followed the first descriptions of autism, increasing auto-immune disorders including asthma. arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, spontaneous miscarriage and cancer. Things have progressed further towards our destruction with Genetically Modified foods, the allowance if not encouragement of food additives such as coal tar dyes and polysorbates. The approval of poisons such as aspartame and the introduction of plastics. At the same time our air and water have been contaminated with waste products from mining and industry including fluoride, rodenticides and materials used supposedly to alter the atmosphere in a secret program to slow global warming and control the weather. All the while pharmaceutical companies have been using humans as guinea pigs and it is possible that there has been additional research on humans off world aka abductions.

The cecilean beings diet generally include LIVING species of everything from insect to bird, fish to rodent. The species being eaten are often mammalian for larger species and these mamamalian species will produce arenaline at the time which they are eaten. The Cecilean beings natural diet includes arenochrome. In this way it is possible to understand that the Mayan sacrifices and Satanic or Luciferian rituals developed out of a need for the ‘essential’ nutrients from food which will sustain that species.

Maya Bloodletting Rituals – Ancient Sacrifice to Speak to the Gods

Bloodletting–cutting part of the body to release blood–is an ancient ritual used by many Mesoamerican societies. For the ancient Maya, bloodletting rituals (called ch’ahb’ in surviving hieroglyphs) constituted a way for Maya nobles to communicate with the gods and royal ancestors. The word ch’ahb’ means “penance” in the Mayan Ch’olan language, and may be related to the Yukatekan word ch’ab’, meaning “dripper/dropper”.

This practice was usually performed by nobles through the perforation of their own body parts, mainly, but not only, tongue, lips, and genitals. Both men and women practiced these types of sacrifices.

Ritual bloodletting, along with fasting, tobacco smoking and ritual enemas, was pursued by the royal Maya in order to provoke a trance-like state and supernatural visions and therefore communicate with dynastic ancestors or underworld gods.

Bloodletting Occasions and Locations

Bloodletting rituals were usually performed at significant dates and state events, such as at the beginning or end of a calendar cycle; when a king ascended to the throne; and at building dedications. Other important life stages of kings and queens such as births, deaths, marriages, and war were also accompanied by bloodletting.

Bloodletting rituals were usually carried out in private, within secluded temple rooms on the top of pyramids, but public ceremonies were organized during these events and people attended them, crowding into the plaza at the base of the pyramid.

These public displays were used by the rulers to demonstrate their ability to communicate with the gods in order to obtain advice on how to balance the world of the living and to ensure the natural cycles of the seasons and stars.


Ritual sacrifices played a vital role in the Mayan realm. They sacrificed both animals and humans. Animals that were sacrificed in great numbers included crocodiles, iguanas, dogs, peccaries, jaguars, and turkeys. The supreme sacrifice was the human life. This took place during elaborate ceremonies. Sacrificial scenes have been depicted in ancient Mayan ceramics, sculptures and murals. Like the Aztecs, this was all done in an attempt to appease the gods. Slaves, criminals, bastards, orphans and children made up the bulk of the sacrificial victims. Children were desired because of their innocence, and they would sometimes be abducted or purchased from neighboring cities. The purchase price was paid in red beans.

Diego de Landa witnessed human sacrifices. He tells us that the sacrificial victim was painted blue. Next, the victim was led to the summit of the pyramid and laid over a stone alter. Then with his arms and legs firmly held by the chacs, the nacom cut open the chest and tore out his heart. This was usually done with an obsidian or flint knife. Next, the heart was handed to the high priest, and the body was thrown down the temple stairs.

The caecilian need to eat live creatures for the Adrenochrome

Adrenochrome and Elite Vampirism


Scientifically, this chemical is made when our bodies adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidises.
Basically, when the potential victim is terrorized, more adrenaline is being pumped into they’re blood.
They are then killed at the peak of their terror and the blood drank, in a ritualistic manner.

There are also rumours around that it can be extracted through a needle to the base of the neck/Spinal column.

Caecilian are asexual, but when they cross-bred with humans to create the ‘ruling elites’, the offspring acquired an exaggerated sexual predation that combined with the blood-lust.

When the cecilian were cross-bred with humans to create the rulers, these rulers began the practice of human sacrifice such as the Mayan temple sacrifice where hearts were ritually ripped out of the victims on the pyramids.  Crystal energy tools were used to control the population

They took over the emerging light-based communities of earth, In South and Central America, Middle East, India and South-East Asia and preyed on them, creating the mass population city-based civilizations as food sources.

Mantis beings possessed by dark force energy, the moving black goo – artificial light harvesting mechanism – A WARNING TO EARTH from the Star people – (the
Cecilians, light eaters, demons – parasites). Meet the Ancients

mantis black goo worm

The nanodust, insect matter, vibration and light work together to produce a black goo. melanin – a pigment. The movement of pigment in the human body is done by way of dynein motor transport protein. This tiny protein, when shocked, will drop its cargo. The build-up of the non-moving pigment results in areas within the body that attract and attach to other debris. This sets up a chain reaction and the self and non-self auto-immune system is activated. These materials have been seeded into our environment and act as the teet, antennae, scolex within the muscle tissue of our human bodies. Often the waste material can be taken out through the skin, in quite a painful process which has been called Subcutaneous Pustular Dermatosis, Morgellon’s Disease, Acute Infected Dermatitis, Parasitosis and many other names.


The ruling elite do not have remorse, empathy or alternative action plans. Their agenda is to maintain their quality of life, live forever and eradicate the planet of the non-essential workers, sex slaves, food source and laboratory subjects (body parts). They play games with the means and methods by which we the people are eliminated, tortured and controlled. Doctors, journalists and whistleblowers are especially targeted for elimination. Our work is shaddowbanned and for the most part even well-liked alternative media presenters have to have their youtube videos and twitter posts relayed. Understand, this is not a game. The completion of the CERN, DUNE project in Lead, SD, USA is the final link in the CERN global relay which is needed by the SATERN network to connect the intranet (not misspelled) to the outernet.



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