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Power battles and survival – multiple lives in the 4th density

‘So the people who are incarnate as humans at this time – is there a number of how many of those who will ascend, and to what level they will ascend?

  ‘The mass majority will ascend to the 4th density, which is much like the matrix where we are in a holographic program, only the matrix is not wholly representative of the complex of the individual. We actually will have approximately 12 lives going on at the same time at associative areas, different either light or dark characters within those different densities, and sometimes we will experience that basically as nightmare lives, and some of them will be profit, lust, or addiction or greed, or poverty, strife, much like we have on the earth now, so out of our 12 lives, the chances of one life achieving even what is considered to be the moderation, the life between poverty and war, and wealth and aristocracy, the middle class will be a goal as opposed to a natural occurrence within that dreamscape. So it will be like 12 dreamscape lives taking place at once in the 4th density.’

So basically life continues after this ascension, only it is generally a 4th dimensional reality for most people?

 Which is more nightmarish and hellish at this time because of the choices that the mass majority of humanity has made during this time.

And will that life continue on planet earth?

 Yes. It will continue for another epoch, but ultimately humanity will have to decide to go the way of the Lyrans and the advanced Pleiadians and create  areas of the earth that are for humans, and the rest of the earth is available to be free of the waste products that humanity manufactures in order to be comfortable as a species.’

4th dimension – Solar – lower astral – power battles and control – ruled by Annunaki – the collective mind

The 4th dimensional realm is a quantum field, and does not work according to the rules of the 3rd dimension, leading to memory problems and loss of co-ordination, therefore it is important to also stay in mastery of the 3rd dimension, to stay in balance and to stay ‘orientated’ so that we can function THROUGH the 4th, so that we can pass through this realm without losing our grounding.

We are gradually clearing the duality dark-and-light fields of the 4th dimension through new paradigm teachings and healings, so that the 4th dimension becomes diaphanous, or penetrated by the light. We, the Children of Light, (5th dimensional Ascension) are clearing the 4th dimension of the fallen thought forms of confusion, and opening up the channels into the Higher Dimensions.

Temples of light – The 12 gates to the city

new jerusalem
Centers of Healing and Teaching will be established around the world, where the remnant humanity will be gathered.
‘And the Lord said to Abraham: “I have set this seal on you to govern all those who belong to the seed of love and light upon the earth, so that your seed will gather all true priesthoods into ‘Communities of Light’ before the end of time. And the Urim and Thummim will be used to reevolve the grids of the earth according to a new meridian of time on which will be built the Light centers of My Kingdom.” Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch
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