Appalachian Refuge Center, Ascension, Autism Research, Cumberland Academy, Healing Stones

Appalachian Refuge Center

Building a sustainable off-grid transitional community and transformative educational center . . .

Medicine Tribe and Cumberland Academy

Max in Nepal    e2b3c-sandra

Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’ John 7:38

Appalachian Refuge Center


Near the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area; an off-grid refuge center in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee

The 5 acre tract of dense unspoiled forest sits on a bluff surrounded by creeks on 3 sides.


We have been living on site since May 1st 2018 and are busy with building our first ‘Hobbit house’, which needs to be ready for the winter. We are framing it from wood from the forest and using the natural rock outcrop as the central fireplace feature of the house. It will have an outdoor ‘Roman Bath’ built into the upper area above the fireplace.

More photos coming soon!

We invite you to visit us, stay for a while, or join us in building this unique off-grid community which will include a visitors center for short stays, and be the home of ‘Cumberland Academy’teaching off-grid living, autism recovery, human design system . . .

. . . and many other areas of knowledge.

World Community Autism Program – a New Light on Autism Research and Treatment
Our work in autism has taken us around the world to witness many approaches to autism treatment and recovery beyond the traditional notions of autism as an untreatable disability.

Our vision – a new way of living and learning . . .

At the center of the project is the development of an off-grid community and school that innovates in holistic, integrative and life-affirming spaces, energy and water management, gardening and food science, nutrition and herbology.

Alongside this core project will be the academy, which will be a center of transformation in our understanding of the world and our place in it; a center for personal growth, learning and transition.

Max and Sandra (Little White Wolf and Running Elk) Medicine Teachings

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