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Watch “Alex Jones To Release The Secrets of Bird Box” on YouTube

Must watch: Alex Jones of Infowars discusses the hidden message in the movie ‘Birdbox’ that is a ‘hidden in plain sight’ from the ‘deep state’ about 5G. Alex discusses in an editorial meeting, as well as talking about media censorship and the globalist genocidal war on humanity.

As well as being a battlefield MASER weapon as described by Mark Steele in an interview with Abel Danger:

5G can carry ‘carrier frequencies’ that can influence moods and behavior.


Harald Kautz Vella also shares his insights into demonetization, living off-grid, 5G and Smart grid technology, the origins of humanity, the Annunaki and how we need to return to the heart.

Listen to this ‘Message from the Ancients’ that we put out in 2017 that describes the turning on of 5G technology:


The information in two ‘messages’ were dictated by Sandra ‘Little White Wolf’ Medicine Woman. This is the first of these messages, received on April 24th 2017

in a trance state on waking from her nightly ‘dreamscape’ experience where she has received knowledge on the global awakening and ascension her entire life.

She also received the biochemical information that explained to her the true nature of autism as an immune system adaptation and response to lutein which led to Sara’s diet and the formation of World Community Autism Program.

World Community Autism Program

In May 2018, We bought land in Cumberland Tennessee to prepare ‘Appalachian Refuge Center’ as an educational center known as Cumberland Academy and a transitional holistic community.

Appalachian Refuge Center – Streams of Living Waters

The crisis that is coming will change the world beyond recognition. People will stream from the’death-trap cities’ in search of sanctuary.

We have been prepared with the knowledge and guided to Cumberland for this reason. It is up to every individual to turn away from the suicidal man-made system and follow tbe calling of their heart, now more tham ever.

Human Design explains the difference between inner authority and outer authority and how knowing your unique ‘design blueprint’ will help you to re-orient yourself and find your place in the ‘Ascension’.


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