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Sun Bear Medicine Temple

I was invited to a conference of the Medicine Elders Who holds the land to be sacred? Why is this area of America called 'The Heartlands?' Sun Bear -- Lame Deer -- Black Elk -- Medicine Eagle SUN BEAR MEDICINE TEMPLE Sun Bear: "I need to talk to my People." LAKOTA OGLALA THE PEOPLE ARE… Continue reading Sun Bear Medicine Temple

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Appalachian Refuge Center, Fentress County, Tennessee

Cumberland Academy Building our own community: research, build and innovate in sustainability models.​ 'Medicine Tribe' are creating a healing sanctuary and nature refuge on a pristine wooded bluff located in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee. It will also be home to WCAP (World Community Autism Program) providing short, medium and long term recovery programs… Continue reading Appalachian Refuge Center, Fentress County, Tennessee

Lawful Peaceful Resolution, Temple Doors, Zero Chief

Chapter 4 – Awakenings

Almost nothing is known about the childhood of one of the greatest Apache chiefs in history. In fact, no one is even sure when he was born. Relatively tall for his day, he was said to have stood at least 183 centimeters (6′), cutting a very imposing figure. A leader of the Chiricahua tribe, Cochise… Continue reading Chapter 4 – Awakenings