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El-ites in California – gold dust, demonic possession and the gate of the dead

“There are many alien races who are like us in their search for divine spiritual truths, and who are also, misled via many corrupted religious beliefs which ultimately can be traced back to the same Satanic-Archontic-Parasitic game plan.”

The archontic fallen entities seek to control the entry and exit portals of this dimension employing black magicians using satanic mind control, black magic and high technology, energy vampirism and blood sacrifice to achieve it’s goals.

The following article focuses on the parasitic nature of Horus-Ra as an “Archontic” interdimensional being discovered within the milab and alien abduction experience.

The most guarded secrets behind the aliens, New World Order agenda and the parasitic Archontic game plan revolves around the combination of satanic psychic vampirism and high technology. This high technology has also been referred to as black meta-technology because it combines elements of ritual black magic, nano technology, mind control; genetic manipulation and alien implant technology.

“The agenda that seeks to control us requires secrecy and deception for it to succeed.”

Chumash portals and El-ites

“The Agarthan colonies were established as a natural result of the primary star gates which are doorways from the galaxy and which provide entry and exit portals.

“The area around Point Conception is one of strategic importance to both cultures. For the Chumash it is spiritually strategic as the spot where the souls of the dead depart for Shimilaqsha, (Shamballah?) Chumash realm of the dead.”

Brown also described a “worship room” containing statues that eerily glowed in the dark, and iconography depicting solar symbols, and unconventional crosses not of the modern type, suggestive of a Mediterranean origin.

Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?

My opinion is that the most recent ‘invasion’ of advanced non-human entities can be traced to the appearance of the ‘fish-gods’ in Sumeria at the beginning of our historical era, or rather ‘their’ historical era, as history is one of their primary means of deception.

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