Cumberland Academy

The GOD pattern and The Art of the Game

Statistics and patterns are insufficient using the published history of information and a single perspective to gather information. Relying on media, including alternative media is a start but remember we have been conditioned to see what they (the Archons, El-ite – created bloodlines) want us to see.

El-ites in California – gold dust, demonic possession and the gate of the dead

The ancestors knew the challenges We ‘The People’ the Rainbow tribe would face at this time of Great Change. History has been recorded using the binary code, God pattern as long as we have been capable of using materials to store the history of ourselves.What chess moves would DJT make once in office? Consider that this is 4-D chess and played much like the Palantir computer is playing GO (using seemingly alien technology and strategy).

The GOD pattern and The Art of the Game

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