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Mantid cave art

Mantis or Mantids, are often associated in UFO contact cases. They are beings who may be a type of chimera. They were depicted on Rock Art spread across Southern Africa. Such rock hard evidence and oral tradition seemingly shows that the mantis have had an integral part of Human civilisation for thousands of years. Some UFO abductees have seen ‘Mantis’ like beings assisting the Greys.

Who are the Mantid Guardians?

The Ancients — The Mantids

‘Guardians of the Light’

Answers came through the eyes of the Mantids, remote viewing at the microscopic level”

Sandra writes: ‘In mid-April 2017, I woke with vivid dream recall, and began to share them with Max, my husband. We began to record and then write down these recalls, and that grew into a 207 page e-book.

The book covers a multitude of topics, including deep state secrets, the hybrid program, the moonbase, the truth about silent superbug – ‘Morgellons Disease’ – and the artificial intelligence that is controlling our planet during this Ascension process. It is about how humanity can wake up and reach the next level of consciousness. The cosmic story of life emerging in our galaxy is told as viewed through the eyes of the mantis being, a 6th dimensional intelligence that is now helping the earth and humanity through the challenges and mysteries of Ascension.’

“The Mantis beings – aka ‘Trantaloids’ – have seen humanoid beings evolve spiritually, scientifically and philosophically.  Some of the 6th and 7th dimensional beings from the Zeta-Reticula area were once Sirian or are related to Sirians.  The insectoids which are bi-pedal and have advanced to the 6th dimensional level are called upon in this time, the last 100 years, to aid humanity.”

Ascension Earth – Birth of a new Sun

The book came about as a result of Sandra’s life experiences of being taught in the ‘Dreamscape’ – a high energy state of altered consciousness that happens during her sleep cycle – by the ‘Mantid’, or ‘Guardian’

‘My Guardian and one of the Ancients who know the history of Earth.’

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