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Targeted Individuals

Today an individual is quoted as saying ‘World leaders’ encouraged him to run in the #2020 presidential race in America. A year ago the most watched US local, state, national and international news media informed the world that Russia was engaged in activity to influence the 2016 election. We now know less than two dozen people invited to a conference were encouraged to support a candidate by way of purchasing Facebook ads spending a total of $160,000.00 – and a source Mifsud has been living in house next to the US embassy in Italy for the past year. How much was spent on the 2016 campaign ads lavishly promoting the first Queen of America ‘Hillary Clinton’? Why did HRC attend the 2016 Olympics? The cost of Olympic ads is astronomical. Whose votes did the DNC hope to get with campaign ads run in a foreign country? Jared Kushner has stated he was legally and without remorse spending $160, 000.00 every 3 hours on pro-Trump campaign ads on Facebook.

It has been almost 10 years since the arrival of Instagram (owner Facebook) which arrived in 2006 at the same time as Twitter. We now know Facebook is the transfer of Department of Defense ‘DoD’ spyware ‘Lifelog’ hidden in plain sight. Even earlier we had interconnectedness; information at our fingertips through yahoo in 1995 and America online beginning 1985. Prior to this the 5EYES (UK, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand) kept the resource for its own networks. As institutions replaced switchboards with IBM and fiber optics gradually the technology reached around the world. Phone conversations from the oval office have been recorded since JFK. Did he know? At the time of JFKs inaugeration #WeThePeople were embracing a leader whom we trusted and whose words of truth resound to this day. It did not escape our attention that in DJTs inaugeration speech he said “from this day forward”.

He knows. He knows the history, the players, the strategy and the time has come for the great deception to end. More than 200 countries are recognized. Many bare flags with the colors of their overlords, some would say protectorates. Espania, United Kingdom, United States, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates. The 5EYES has been the depository and information resource gathering tool controlled by the Royal bloodlines including the US deepstate by way of DC aka London corporation. This is not granted by way of the US constitution. This has occured because the illuminati formed to circumvent the independence of our nation. The global church network is the direct accomplishment of the Vatican – Rome never fell. Control the money, control the mind – (church, school, media) and control the military. In a study just released of the 38 wealthiest countries America came 38th in health. People who appear as angry, unusual, different, disorganized and deranged are part of the human tribe. The frontline making the loudest noise possible exercising free speech towards informing everyone that #WeThePeople are being targeted, have been targeted and will continue to be targeted unless we #Pushback. https://youtu.be/YupBJdJKtv8 Search youtube for Dr. Katherine Horton; she formerly worked at a CERN. Because of what she knows she is among the many people who are targeted individuals ‘TI’ experiencing the effects of the physical assault on the human body. The assault to the human body is ancient in recorded history, written about in sanskrit, heiroglyphics and aramaic. It is recorded by Hindu, Asian and American clans, in the African & Australian cave art. There are legends from all areas which historians, archeologists and ‘experts’ have cited as resources that the earth holds evidence of visitation, influence a/o interference from external source(s). Is it possible that our cultures and languages have been used to encourage association of concepts which our imaginations latch onto as we move from infancy to early childhood? A development where the fairytale influencers have been allowed to alter our cultures and concepts? As the twentieth century arrived the religions were sufficiently established, the media was well controlled and the money bought the movement of the machines: people, animal, vehicle, communication and medicine. The age of psychobabble arrived with the times. The first major victims were the indigenous, the illuminati systematically separated the people into different religious, military, monetary and political camps aka continents. Keeping their secret bases such as Iceland, Antarctica, Nova Scotia, Tibet and Cuba for the nefarious activities of the organized crime syndicate.

It should come as no surprise that the patriots of every country are remembered. Their service and sacrifice so great that even the victors of war and conflict who write the official narrative cannot eliminate the truth. Today the people are suffering. Those on the frontline are the babies in the womb, the children and young people fighting to right the failures of the previous generations, those caught in the middle of the age spectrum ranging from homeless & helpless to hackers & the new generation of independent journalists. Wherever you are in the human spectrum you are a part of history. If you are documented (have a birth certificate) then you are property. There is NO federal oversight for private research. We are lab rats. Some hospitals are keeping records for a select group of 14,000 x five hospitals on just one type of Targeted trial where the individuals demonstrate specific signs & symptoms which can be diagnosed as biomedical or psychological: Morgellon’s aka Acute infected dermatitis, parasitosis and Subcutaneous pustular dermatitis. Many other people, without being informed but by way of consenting to medical evaluation are included in many thousands of databases around the world. Many such studies are taking place which involve implants, nanobots, the unification of plastic autoreplication, stemcell mRNA and extremophile integration into the human DNA. Part of the global research project utilized with the EMPs, and radio – frequency transmission to TIs. If they are crazy then it is likely there will be many more.

Thanks to many, many brave and outspoken people the effects of the vaccine bioweapon are known. If your government tells you any VACCINE is safe they are LYING. Poison is not safe. That is why it is called poison. Many medical and natural medicine doctors have revealed and tried to reveal the truth. They are silenced.


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