Cumberland Academy

Extract from earlier post: Targeted Individuals

We are lab rats. Some hospitals are keeping records for a select group of 14,000 x five hospitals on just one type of Targeted trial where the individuals demonstrate specific signs & symptoms which can be diagnosed as biomedical or psychological: Morgellon’s aka Acute infected dermatitis, parasitosis and Subcutaneous pustular dermatitis. Many other people, without being informed but by way of consenting to medical evaluation are included in many thousands of databases around the world. Many such studies are taking place which involve implants, nanobots, the unification of plastic autoreplication, stemcell mRNA and extremophile integration into the human DNA. Part of the global research project utilized with the EMPs, and radio – frequency transmission to TIs. If they are crazy then it is likely there will be many more.

Video interview on Targeted individuals with Ramola D. And Christie Kennedy

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