Cumberland Academy

Five the statistical probability factor

1. 2019 April – Tennessee 2. 2016 Nov. – Seattle, Wa. 3. 2016 March Pa. 4. Kansas/Mossouri March 2016 5. Pa. June 2018 6. Md. June 2018 7. Fla. July 2017 8. W. Va. Dec. 2014 9. Fla. Jan. 2019 10. La. Jan. 2019. 11. Fla. Jan. 2019. 12. Aurora, Illinois Feb. 2019 Chicago, Illinois May 2018 13. Ga. Feb. 2015 14. Vegas June 2014. 15. Ca. April. 2012. 16. Ca. Nov. 2008 17. Ca. Nov. 2015. 18. Ca. Sept. 2018. Other countries have news cover of tragic events. The number five occurence by national and international news appears to get more than a fair share of the mockingbird.  Sometimes America national news fails to cover major news stories. Kenya July 2018 Other countries report similar events but in America stories associated with the selected youtube videos above gain multiple news outlets and often international forums.

While other similar events taking place in America involving police, national guard, veterans, indigenous people, Justice league film stars, music entertainers such as Willie Nelson and Neil Young; even politicians such as Bernie get news media blackout. Obama was asked about the #NODAPL and for two minutes while he was being livestreamed around the world in 2016 he had no reply. Only citizen journalists who consistently bring us the truth are trusted. A few covered the biggest story of 2016 If it had not been for our patriots such as Admiral Rogers #We the People would be in a face the reality event that would force us to use our 2nd ammendment rights like never before. A reminder of 2016: Alaska Police Officer shot. Sniper – Nov. 7, 2016. Oct. 2016 Oklahoma FOUR Notable no reports of five victim shooting events in 2009 and 2013. Both were not election years in America. What big changes occured? Obama in the WH and HRC as SoS. Had it not been for Benghazi the 2012 election might have turned out differently.

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