Cumberland Academy

All Roads Lead to Rome

1/7 STRANGE COINCIDENCES – Two different investigations, one in Italy and the other in the US. Same people, same places and same factual elements: FBI, politicians, law enforcement, intelligence, the US Embassy in Rome and most of all: emails and cyber crimes!!!

2/7 Furthermore, both inquiries involve the same names, the same actors who know or knew each other: Roberto Di Legami, Giuseppe Esposito, Gianni Pittella, Joseph Mifsud, Michael Gaeta, Christopher Steele, Robert Mueller, Giuseppe Pignatone, Peter Strzok…3/7 George Papadopoulos, Simona Mangiante, Link Campus University, Centro Studi Americani in Rome, and more. One investigation is about the Italian government, the other is about the White House.

4/7 Prime Ministers and Presidents divided by the ocean, yet still united in the NATO alliance. Strikingly embarassing similarities, common to both investigations: both were taking place between 2015 and 2017. Both involved searches and interrogations. In Italy, with questions. 5/7 about the US, and in the US with questions about Italy. On the background of all of this, our modern and inseparable tool of communication: email. Strange coincidences also emphasizing the suggestive names of the respective probes: EyePyramid and Russiagate!

6/7 Both symbols appearing on the one-dollar bill, respectively represented on the opposite sides of the note: the all-seeing eye and the President of the United States. Who knows, if given all the above, and may be also the same backgound… the same common denominator… 7/7 ..may be the same crazy target: the President of the United States of America. Then, it all would no longer be merely: COINCIDENCES. #WWG1WGA extracted from the twitter drop @Ms2spin

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