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Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking ?

The question on everyone’s mind – are Bill and Hillary Clinton connected to or involved with child sex trafficking or child labor trafficking networks

– or, are they advocates for children as they portray themselves to be?

Watch this video presentation with @coreysdigs and @sgtreport:

Read Coreys Digs deep dive:

Hi Corey – Here is a file I put together on Cambodia. More digging needed!

Hillary associate Kurt Smolek was found dead.

After missing for two days, State Department Official and Federal Agent Kurt Smolek was found dead, floating in the Potomac River.
Smolek worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department in Cambodia, which is a hotspot for human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child sex tourism-especially Phnom Penn where Smolek was based.

Hillary set up the ICMEC after the outcry over the Dutroux Belgian elite pedophile scandal.

Following article traces connections between the Dutroux Scandal and the board of directors at the ICMEC.

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