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Legend of Uktena and the Crystal cave


Sandra ‘little white wolf’ Medicine Woman writes: ‘I now understand the conflicts which I have felt when reading the bible and the references to the dragon and hearing the stories of The People and the dragon who was protected by The People . . . and when the last dragon, Uktena, left she left the knowledge of the crystal cave and the healing energy to the people.


The People pray for the life force energy of the water, Mni Wiconi, and the rainbow tribe – all people must begin to clean the Earth, gather our strength and protect one another.

The Red Dragon, Satan has gathered the forces of the Earth and weakened her at every opportunity. The time of the Revelation is here and the information has been given to us in such a distorted manner that We the People must seek counsel from God within us, who is us to know the truth and the truth will set you free. My word is my sword.’

The Cherokee Day Sign, the Dragon, is the energy of Life Force that germinates a Seed. The Dragon is said to help us to see clearly. Seed can help us find our place where Spirit can exist in the realm of physicality.

Visit Cumberland Academy and hear the true teachings of the crystal cave.

Cumberland Academy – a transitional community and therapeutic learning center

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