Cumberland Academy

Banned #DramaAlert Censored

Snap Inc. is an American technology and camera company, founded on September 16, 2011, by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and based in Santa Monica, California. It has four products: Snapchat, Spectacles, Bitmoji, and Zenly. The company was originally named Snapchat Inc. upon its inception, but it was rebranded on September 24, 2016, as Snap Inc. in order to include the Spectacles product under a single company. This 1 product has the potential 2 awaken, motivate & empower humans to chain the AI beast.

#Dark2Light what does it mean? How can I help; I have nothing left. The secret societies controlled the resources planting a flag 2 define people states & countries as property. From a seashell or grain of sand; an idea taken to patent; documented (owned) individual carried to greatness the ALL is owned, controlled & disposable. We have become a planet of pollution, human waste and poison. The ugly truth. The We apon is the vehicle transporting US through time & space. The godOlies grants us the toys to participate in the final battle. Service 2 self or service 2 others. The 1st tear was in the fabric of social life – the tears shed for all who fought and died because life, truth and freedom is a human right. The second tear was in the matrix programming – the tears shed for all who fought and died because development, expression and creativity is a human right. The third tear is in the system of reality – the tears shed because we must have common sense and common law to protect our constitution as the Republic whose people are united by. these words: One Nation Under God – Indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Justice is a double edged sword.

The tools which #WeThePeople have to empower are time, energy and knowledge. How we use our time, energy and knowledge will determine the future. A poison planet because we allowed poisons 2B controlled by government – there is NOTHING in our common sense, common law constitution which gives controll of an element to a corporation. It is NOT possible for government to control poison. To eradicate the bee is to cause extiction. It is not possible to control thought. To eradicate free thought is to cause terror. It is not possible to control time. To eradicate time is to cause ascention to a higher or descent into the alternate dimensions.

See something. Say something. The time is now. It is up to us #WWG1WGA GodOfTruth not godOflies. Banned, band, band of brothers. We allowed the fruition of our struggle 2Bfree, properous and able to reach our ‘true potential’ to be connected with the secret societies through the guise of confidential, classified and private.

The vast majority of people are living as we have always lived. These people are now the final target seen by the AI, secret societies and super powers as the 🔑. We must protect the innocent. We have ABILITY. Response ability, account ability and accept ability. To deny the government control over rules & regulations manufactured to eliminate consequences for actions which cause harm is the ONLY option. This is why we are a Constitutional Republic – we have an army to protect us from tyranny.

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