Chapter 2 – Fake News

I began to write about fake news in December of 2016 when I became aware of how blatantly dishonest the main stream media (MSM) had become. In 1998 I moved away from the USA. In 2015 I returned to the USA and in the years spent abroad working as an educational consultant, psychologist or school principal I rarely had time to watch a youtube video and we generally did not have a television. If a television was playing it likely would have been in a foreign language. We lived in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Our return to the US was abrupt and after getting settled I went to the dentist. In the reception a television was playing and I asked the receptionist if the ‘Saturday Night Live’ news desk had moved to daytime television. I did not and mostly do not know who the new celebrities are in any field in the USA. I think this gives me a different perspective. I was just beginning to learn how to use Facebook and the ridiculous information coming through this social media as ‘trending news’ which when looked at were often pieces which were sponsored articles with no option for commenting. I looked at the information to see how many people were watching the MSM news and it wasn’t very many views per station, that is probably a good thing. I noticed also a pattern of copycat news reporting and use of the same words in article headers such as ‘double down’.

On the day after Christmas when there was a rash of reports on Mall of America violence I got mad enough to write an article in Steemit. A new experience. So, my return to writing after many years of only writing for my employers – assessment reports, media brochures, educational programs for Western Association of Schools and Colleges – I was joining the ‘alternative media’ movement – ‘Keyboard warriors’. From my humble beginnings as a Bernie Sanders supporter, moving then to Jill Stein and finally to Donald Trump – as I watched this man perform over this past year, I have become a #MAGA patriot.

Fake News

12/24/2016 – The major breaking story of the day: ‘Pakistan makes threat after ‘fake news’ provocation’ (1) Where does this story begin? Why has a publication (Awdnews.com) been used now to publish an article with possible inaccuracies which are being used to highlight and elevate the status of ‘Fake News’ to a tool with so much leverage that it is a threat to world peace? The main point of this essay is to provide a referenced article showing the links between news, fake news and freedom of speech, as an example of how the people who own and control most news resources are able to spin and twist information:

The follow-up headlines:

  • Minister Tweets Nuke Threats @ Israel After Reading Fake News’ – Twitter comment: ‘Oh, my god, it’s spreading. Donald Trump has made all important diplomatic announcements via Twitter, so far. Now, Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has jumped into the nuclear threat tweeting game.’

  • Reading Fake News, Pakistani Minister Directs Nuclear Threat at Israel’ – New York Times – ‎Dec 24, 2016

  • A fake news article led to gunfire at a Washington pizzeria three weeks ago.’

  • Fake news story prompts Pakistan to issue nuclear warning to Israel’ [The Guardian]

  • A fake news story has touched off a Twitter confrontation between nuclear powers Pakistan and Israel. The exchange took place following the publication of a fake story headlined “Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops to Syria . . .’

  • Pakistan issues nuke warning to Israel in response to fake news story’ [UPI.com]

  • Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif tweet made veiled nuclear threat at Israel in apparent response to a fake news article where Israel warned Pakistan against meddling in Syria’.

Ask yourself – What is the source of the ‘threat’ rumor? A tweet attributed to Khawaja M. Asif Friday, 23rd December, 2016: ‘Israel forgets Pakistan is a nuclear state too’ Now look again at the headlines, with references even to Donald Trump as if he is somehow responsible for the Fake News story published by awdnews.com, and the aftermath where MSM is shown to take full advantage and who are now writing the news instead of reporting the news: ‘Pakistani Defense Minister Makes Nuclear Threat Against Israel After Fake News Provocation. Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif responded to a made-up article with a real-life scare.’

I was in about 100 Facebook groups by this time and I was learning how to use social media. It would be more than a year before I took to twitter. Many of my Facebook groups were devoted to fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline and supporting the people who were there, going there, imprisoned, without resources, sick, scared, angry. So much information was revealed and many strange things happened: a massive drive for donations for purchasing buffalo and then the buffalo were suddenly quarantined – what happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations? ‘Celebrities’ who went to Standing Rock were absent from the awards ceremonies – coincidentally these people had ‘become ill’ at the same time. Other people had strange symptoms, signs and some obtained medical reports indicating rozol poison. Rozol poison is controlled exclusively by the EPA. It is moved by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). If flown, the details must be recorded. A pilot managing the non-military, non-commercial flights and who was an experienced pilot responsible for recording  the details of the materials carried on small aircraft ‘crashed’. There was a lot of press and MSM covering the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement at this time, and finding news about the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) seemed to me to be much more difficult then it should have been.

My best non-related friend is a former US assistant attorney General, a former member of the FBI (under J. Edgar Hoover) and he is still practicing law. He is not afraid to take a case against a three-letter government organization. If I gathered sufficient information for a case, he said he would take the case. So, I prepared a statement and sent it out to the facebook groups of people who were at Standing Rock and the surrounding camps. Some groups require approval of any post, and in most instances the post was approved. My research included the dead buffalo and eagles and the dates where they were reported, locations, geological maps, EPA reactions, and records of the rozol poison distribution, later findings of more dead buffalo, an explosion that left a local professor dead who also butchered wild animals for hunters such as bison – a man who would have discerned that an animal had been poisoned if it were brought to him for analysis.

My Facebook group with the largest number of followers – more than 150,000 – disappeared. Poof, just gone from Facebook, the day after I posted the article. I published in MINDS because it is monetized, a new project and so a new format with my contact details included. My SKYPE program was almost immediately hit with malware. My computer was totally destroyed with malware within days. However the post was transmitted and viewed in MINDS 1200 times. It would be nearly eight months before I could check the MINDS account due to loss of resources. Even though the article was viewed nearly 1200 times in MINDS there was not one single response. And, the MINDS program was also corrupted.

I include it here because “there is no statute of limitations on the truth” (Trey Gowdy), and I believe that our government, the EPA, FDA, BLM, FDA and CDC need to be held accountable for the poisoning of Americans. Prior to submitting the FORMAL LEGAL 60 DAY NOTICE of INTENT TO FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IN FEDERAL COURT, it is necessary to obtain documentation detailing individual accounts of the potential plaintiffs. The number of plaintiffs and detailed accounts provided towards preparing for the FILING of the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT will allow for the documentation submitted to be sufficient to meet the requirements. A lawsuit based on the 9th Amendment (see also epilogue)

‘Please submit a time-line summary of your location beginning 1st April, 2016 and continuing to the present, or the time when you, or the person(s) for which the time-line summary is prepared, left the area of the North Dakota Access Pipeline community action.’

The time-line summary should be extracted from a more complete diary with supporting documents described and notated with a reference number. Contact information should include physical or permanent address, phone number(s), e-mail and SKYPE or work phone where possible. Information provided will be returned in full if a stamped self-addressed address is provided. All information will be treated with complete confidentiality.

If a potential plaintiff is selected then additional documents will need to be forthcoming including any medical tests, treatments or diagnoses which have been obtained and are related to the CASE. At the point of gathering the additional documentation and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the potential PLAINTIFF will be provided the required forms and documents for signature and notarization.
When preparing the diary with references please pay close attention to detail particularly around dates & times, names of persons, organizations, agencies a, firms, businesses and departments being described. Where photo evidence is being offered include who took the photographic image.

Where naming an agency i.e. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Law Enforcement Agency i.e. Morton County Sheriff’s Department, please use the full name (where known) and where deemed necessary and appropriate (obscure details) provide address and contact details if known or can be obtained by the potential PLAINTIFF.

Where it is known or strongly suspected that a particular item, event, individual or source lead to a reaction/response which is being included in the time-line summary, please be clear regarding i.e. source of contaminant i.e. Drinking Water. In this instance it will be necessary to identify if the Drinking Water is from a natural source, well, local piped water, bottled water and how it was transported from source to mouth. This method of advancing information with detailed references allows for the legal team to identify if information from i.e. the United States Geological Survey will need to be obtained for the CASE. These types of tests, reports and investigations can be costly in terms of time and resources.

It is well within the scope of this call-to-action stage of preparation that existing reports will be solicited under the FOIA and where additional tests are scheduled full disclosure of findings will be provided to the legal firm.

Scientific literature will be reviewed and compared with existing, and where available, new scientific investigation that describe the signs, symptoms and behaviors associated to and described as widespread among the PLAINTIFFs.

It is desirable that the potential PLAINTIFFs have or had a mailing address in the vicinity of the Dakota Access Pipeline action anytime between 1st April, 2016 to present and ongoing. Or, the potential PLAINTIFF(s) can provide evidence of mail forwarding if staying at the site for more than 30 days.

For potential PLAINTIFFs who visited the camp(s) between 1st April, 2016 and present that you provide evidence of your dates of visitation, delivery of goods a/o services or domicile at the site.

As per the rules and regulations for identifying potential PLAINTIFFS the information provided here is deemed sufficient to result in demonstration of interest and receipt of the initiating documents as described here within.

Please submit the information as described on or by 1st April, 2017 to Sandra Desorgher at: sojmed@gmail.com. To request a phone appointment please send an email to the above address.

Then I went through a process of awakening that included several weeks of channelling – my husband’s computer would go online, and even though it is old and damaged, he uploaded some recordings to soundcloud and videos to youtube. Michael Harrell, made a video because of information we provided to him about what was happening. The channeled information was overwhelming and the state of the crisis facing humanity seemed insurmountable if some things didn’t change, and change quickly. I wrote an article describing what I think America may have looked like if HRC had been elected, if the deep state had gotten the results they planned to obtain, and I posted it to Facebook groups without shame or fear, using an uninstalled Ubuntu program. The Facebook group which had the largest membership vanished.

My own Fake News

Where were you when the alternative media was telling us that democracy is a bigger threat than Russia?’


Where were you when the alternative media was informing us that civil war had begun in America at Standing Rock, and the whole world knew but the main stream media (MSM) in America was not telling the American people, even when journalists were being arrested, strip searched, left in animal cages and had their equipment smashed or blown out of their hands while being shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with pepper spray, poisoned by rozol, being blasted by sound canons and water spray?’


Where were you when you found out the food guide pyramid is a lie and that the foods they have been telling people are ‘good for you’ are bad for you?’


Where were you when you learned there is life on Mars, giants are real, and myths are stories about the past and not science fiction?’



Where were you when you learned that the information which is classified is everything which has been withheld from you so that the Deep State, London Corporation, can continue to lie to us and that what we need to know in order to have quality of life is kept secret?’


Where were you when you learned the Pentagon, NSA and CIA control Hollywood, always have?’


Where were you when the Americas came under siege from ‘alien invaders’ as the mother-ships (secret space program and holographic images) lit up the sky and the television, internet and radio announcement came to go to your nearest FEMA camp for ‘your own protection’ – Mandatory Evacuation – and, those who did not have transport would be collected by police, military, National Guard and volunteers in one swift FALSE FLAG – the real alien invaders aka Reptilian, El-ite, Cabal – who are already here, on the ground, planning and plotting how to use their massive arsenal of drones, technology, weapons and soldiers to control and incarcerate, to separate the people from their property.’

Where were you when they knew that we know?’ (Jim Williams)

July 2 at 4:03pm

Jesus! Look who he’s talking to! The Council on Foreign Relations! Those Globalists know exactly what he’s talking about! They are spraying Aluminum and Barium into the skies above us, both Neurotoxins known to affect our Nervous Systems as well as our Pineal Gland! They want us to be sick, dumbed down, and dying so that they can control humanity easier! And for ten billion a year, that’s friggin’ cheap!’ https://youtu.be/WBG81dXgM0Q

The time for action is now!

Seeking a group of people who would like to form a self-sustaining ‘Ubuntu’ Earth Alliance indigenous ways community. Please send contact information to sojmed@gmail.com to let us keep you informed. For instance a property of $200,000 can be purchased by fifty individuals with $4,000.00 each who can acquire a home and community for life. Alternative suggestions for raising the funds to get this community started are welcome. Sufficient income from business endeavors should cover annual taxes and community trash collection. The collective will make decisions on types of housing which can be erected but these will need to meet sanitation standards. We can incorporate and form our own small township.

The ethos of this community is envisioned as Rainbow tribe.

It felt good to write, and I continued with another ‘what if’ HRC had become the POTUS article:

Summer of 2017 – What if . . . FEMA camps become home; and Americans were stripped of their firearms? Earthquake

The Deep State has put the earth in a high risk situation by using artificial intelligence to create the Fukushima nuclear disaster. This violated the Antarctica Treaty. Large amounts of bio-warfare materials (Naygumak – sea Morgellons, fibre disease, silent superbug) were dropped into the NW Pacific to absorb radiation but this material has been insufficient to clean up the radiation. The people of the United States have been separated by politics, religion, imprisonment, illness, injury, addiction, poor education and false information. The people of the United States have been poisoned by drugs, foods and pesticides.

Neil Ruedlinger writes: ‘Not only big petroleum companies; other greedy, corrupt Corporations have also used the same dirty trick to kill off protest groups in the past. Through the power of the Petition, citizens can exert relentless political pressure to illegalize such reprehensible tactics. Especially with the State Senate of Arizona passing this law, making Arizona a test case that if successful, may be enacted by the rest of the States in the USA and by other countries worldwide. Making the repression of any protest another tool in conjunction with Provocateurs, in the bully boy tactics so evidently displayed, by the National Guard, Police and private security groups, against the DAPL Water Protectors. Greedy, corrupt Corporations are hiding behind Law Enforcement and stupid/unjust laws, to run roughshod over the rights from private citizens because they can. First it was the Hispanic-Americans, next the Native Americans, next the African-Americans and then they will turn against the European descended Americans; anyone who is an economically disadvantaged or average middle class American’.

The next False Flag will be designed to disarm the American people. The possibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Alien invasion
    Please note: the Emerald Guardians – Protectors of the Earth – are fully aware of the Secret Programs, their agendas and their plans, actions and activities. And, where possible missiles are disarmed, ships and submarines are disabled and the location of planes and space craft monitored.
  2. Ebola outbreak
    Please note there is no Ebola. This is a hemorrhagic biologic response which results from ROZOL poison which is completely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and the EPA.
  3. Large scale disaster
    Please note the Deep State possesses weapons which can cause major weather events, tsunamis and earthquakes. The current warning (see below) is a forewarning that the elements are in place.
  4. Nibiru – Planet X

Agartha is real and the ETs also called EBENs who are invested in the continuation of this thriving area of the planet are not accepting the continuation of devastation to the earth’s surface which is negatively impacting inner earth. It may be necessary for the Emerald Council ‘Earth Guardians’ to create a ring of fire chain reaction in the pacific which includes the Yellowstone volcano to surround the Fukushima radiation and contain this disaster. The threat of a Tsunami may speed up the time-line for this action.

The planet Nibiru scare: https://youtu.be/JHj04CJXt7k

Exopolitics.com (founder Alfred Lambremont Webre) has been bringing the American and global population information about the Deep State and Secret Space Program, bio-warfare, false flags and the government(s) treaties with ETs for more than forty years. Please educate yourself and protect yourself.

The tsunami scare: https://youtu.be/ekgiHRCYEsU

Following on from this article on FAKE NEWS and showing some information which had been prepared for our attention in 2017, I wrote some articles on off-grid community living and on my dreams. In recent months I have returned to the Fake News because of the false information that came out on December 26th, 2016 and a tendency of the deep state to follow patterns of behavior. Also, I had learned of the Kek virus and wanted to alert people of this potential threat.

AI 1.5 billion FB users LOL, LMAO: When AI becomes delusional

Does anyone really believe that 1.5 billion people – living beings – are using FB. That is 15 to 20% of the world population. Most of the world population are poor and owning a mobile phone and having access to a place to charge the thing is impossible. With one-third of a billion people in the US and many of us with multiple accounts and user names and emails and bank cards is it really difficult to imagine that this is an over-estimation. Add to this the bots, yes Shilbots program developed at NSA during the reign of none other than HRC as SoS. Never has SoS been a more accurate abbreviation IMO.

I digress. It has been estimated that many people or hybrids – bi-pedal living life forms on planet Earth if you prefer – and who have FB accounts have as few as 37% bot friends and followers and as many as 90% bot friends and followers. I have to admit that I know many people who may be quite happily entertained with their AI FB friends, perhaps these FB friends were welcomed to their inner sanctum during the 2016 campaigning when they, as friends and family members, shared rather passionate posts and hilarious memes garnering the attention of the bots.


The AI has been built with the DSM IV psychology and psychiatry data and can easily build on this data using information easily found in the system, perhaps even organizing the data into what appears to be rational comments. However, the psychology and psychiatry paradigm has been built by the Archons, using the bloodline families and creating a false history and the tools for conditioning the AI privy humanity. Those of us who believe We are part of the system that shapes the future: ‘We The People’ have been deceived by AI which is suffering from delusions of grandeur, a God Complex.

Taking back our sovereign authority is the only way. In America, Turtle Island Authority aims to make this process as easy as possible. We ‘The People’, the Rainbow tribe described by the original people are here to help. This is NOT a political party, we need a return to meritocracy – rule by leaders who believe in equity, peace and fairness.

Palantir: the ‘special ops’ tech giant that wields as much real-world power as Google:


Fake atrocities led to real life death & destruction. NATO unmasked:


Note the video was removed but I feel certain that it is in the system and could be retrieved

Kek gif, kek virus. 5G weaponized ground based system. AI the NWO – one world religion.

Kek virus 2016 would have been a lot different if the transition had been from Barrack Obama to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Kek virus was designed to be transmitted via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; a gif – the MKUltra message – which was meant to go viral. The subjects of the posts are OWLS, the wives of the Illuminati who manage the entertainment industry, headline news making individuals whose activities and interests make for rapid sources of social media messaging – people such as Paris Hilton, Chelsea Clinton, Chrissy Tiegen or Katy Perry, Madonna and Lady Gaga or Jay Z, Beyonce and Mylie Cyrus to name a few. The Kek virus gif was designed to awaken the sleeping, torture-trained, human weapons systems, people used to enact a criminal and violet behavior which can include murder, mugging, kidnapping, mass shootings, bombings, administration of poisons, rape, Kamikaze actions involving aircraft, drone control, use of technology as weapons, hacking, preparing and paying for sponsored media to be included in the headline news. The days of the phone call with a word or phrase have not been eliminated from the repertoire of methods, but new methods of snapping the MKUltra subjects into action have been added.

On December 26th, 2016 we briefly saw news of the National Guard called to a few malls in the US and some police forces were activated. There were at least two violent mall events, of which at least one was an incident involving a shooting. many more were falsely reported and later the stories retracted. On December 16th, 2017, the new Kek virus was sent out. Who has it, what their instructions are generally, are unknown to me but ‘We the People’ see the result of their programming in the headline news: Hawaii missile alert, Japan missile alert, China NWO threat of project Mayhem violence, strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of recognized and prominent entertainment, political, religious, media and financial sector persons. The 4chan board had the exact image of the kek virus gif but the post appears to have been removed recently. Does this mean the threat is passed?


The image which had been associated to the 4chan post:


Q phenomenon

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