Cumberland Academy

MAGA Challenge

Talking with my eyes, hearing all the lies. Huh Huh Ney Ney – Get that shit outta my way. I’ma girl I’ma boy I’ma woman and a man. Huh Huh Yeah Yeah What we need is Trump 2020 – that’s the plan. We was running backwards listening to wizards. Nah Now We Woke. Now we on the right track with the wind at our back. We best, nothing less – free world what a mess. We got Trump – clean it up. Luv me, hate me – do yah wanna be me? Love Trump, hate Trump – America is free! MAGA Mommas, MAGA Daddys, MAGA Vets – Never forget. MAGA girls, MAGA boys, got digital toys. MAGA memes, MAGA sounds, MAGA safe MAGA proud.

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