Cumberland Academy

Red, Yellow, Black, Brown & and White. Part 1/4

Individual: I, I am, who am I? Is this question the answer? Does a plant ask who am I? Does a bird, fish or pethaps a mammal ask who am I. Sophia the robot, who is the first robot to be granted citizenship, did she ask who am I? Why a Saudi Arabian citizenship? With this citizenship is the female robot granted more or less rights than a female born in Saudi Arabia?. “We bring robots to life. Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. Why human-like robots?

Sophia has been given a light flesh tone, brown eyes and has been modeled with a variety of wigs. The robot has been asked questions which have resulted in a variety of interesting answers. As humans we are forging ahead with technology which appears to be outpacing our ability to survive the potential consequences. At this stage we are still striving to maintain our individual sovereignty and need for contact with others.

There are ‘officially’ 195 countries in the world:

  • 54 countries are in Africa
  • 48 in Asia
  • 44 in Europe
  • 33 in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 14 in Oceania
  • 2 in Northern America 193 are members of the UN. Palestine and Holy See are not members of the UN. Taiwan, Cook islands and additional territories may or may not be recognized as ‘special groups’. These include many indigenous territories. In rare instances there are places where the native people do not allow people outside of their clan, tribe or group to join. In these areas the ethnomethodology has produced some startling revelations about the structure and social order of undisturbed clans, tribes and groups. For me the most startling were the capacity of the people to live in areas with wildlife without changing the environment. Whereas other human groups in same/similar environments created dramatic changes to those environments. Greater tolerance for interaction appears to be a driving force. When we are all the same ‘type’ of human – separated only by age, gender, ability and responsibility the natural order appears to remain stable. Perhaps the most profound takeaway is first we are human. Homo sapiens sapiens – wise man. The science and language describing our species is now devisive. We could try the Spanish: la, el, se – her/she, him/he, it. The language of English is exceptionally confusing due to multiple words that have the same sound but, very different meanings (pear, pair, pare); the meaning changes according to use of punctuation and/or the body language must be seen or described for the meaning to be generally understood. Compound this with satire, sarcasm and deception.
  • We have learned to communicate with symbols. Some openly, some hidden and some for specific purposes. These symbols may or may not have meaning shared by a gathering of people.
  • The symbols in 2D can look very different in 3D: A triangle becomes a pyramid. A compass can become a Medicine Star.

    A cube within a cube – with all points at equal distance. In, Out, Above, Below [All is possible yet no thing is visible. GOD ‘Generation of Diversity’ where the Nothing becomes everything.] North, East, South, West [Direction, Clarity, Posibility, Influence]

    Actualization and centering, that in breakthrough – which is only possible outside of the matrix; naturally establish both internally and externally a new order. The unique knowing that is both personally and collectively of value. An tendency that in breakthrough sees justification of its lesser attributes and carries them over into the new order. Where the value of knowing is more important then other aspects of the life. “Remember” “Remember”

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