Cumberland Academy, Human Design and the Rave I Ching

I Ching, Human Design and the 9-Centered Being

Part 2 of the series Cumberland Academy:- Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

After receiving the knowledge of Human Design, Ra went through a 7-year process of personal transformation, then embarked on a series of lecture tours where he shared the knowledge in an integrated form as the “Human Design System”.

In Human Design, the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching are mapped onto the 64 Gates of the Rave Body Graph, a representation of the emerging new humanity as a 9-Centered Being, known as the Rave:–

The 64 Hexagrams are also mapped onto the ecliptic, the circle of the heavens that the sun and the planets move through.

Each gate is opened or closed by the passage of the planets and the moon nodes through the ecliptic — the transits — and by the position they occupied at two points in time: the moment of birth, and the moment the sun occupied a position 88° before birth which gives us our individual design:–

Using the Rave I Ching and the wealth of information that his emerged from Human Design research, the information in the body graph gives a detailed picture of the potential the individual brings into this life, how we interact with others, how transits effect us, and a strategy for decision making.

Human Design Series 1:– Cumberland Academy Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

1. Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

2. I Ching, Human Design and the 9-Centered Being

3. Human Design, The Yuga Cycle and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Human Design Series 2:– Human Design Basics

1. Defined and Open

Human Design Main Page:–

The Human Design System

About the authors:–

We are the co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and ‘Ascension’ or Frequency Shift

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