Cumberland Academy, Human Design and the Rave I Ching

Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

[Part 1 of the Series Cumberland Academy:- Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle ]

I Ching, or Chinese Book of Changes

The Book of Changes — I Ching — is unquestionably one of the most important books in world literature.

Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity, and it has occupied the attention of the most eminent scholars of China down to the present day.

Nearly all that is greatest and most significant in the three thousand years of Chinese cultural history has either taken its inspiration from this book, or has exerted an influence on the interpretation of its text.

Therefore it may safely be said that the seasoned wisdom of thousands of years has gone into the making of the I Ching.’

Richard Wilhelm

[Richard Wilhelm was a German sinologist, theologian, and missionary. He lived in China for 25 years, became fluent in spoken and written Chinese, and grew to love and admire the Chinese people.

He is best remembered for his translations of philosophical works from Chinese into German that in turn have been translated into other major languages of the world, including English.

His translation of the I Ching is still regarded as one of the finest, as is his translation of The Secret of the Golden Flower; both were provided with introductions by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who was a personal friend.]

“A living stream of deep human wisdom was constantly flowing through the channel of this book into everyday life, giving to China’s great civilization that ripeness of wisdom, distilled through the ages, which we wistfully admire in the remnants of this last truly autochthonous culture.”

Introduction to the I Ching by Richard Wilhelm

Yin-Yang, the eternal tension of opposites

The Western world has become familiar with the concept of Yin-Yang, the tension of opposites, which is the fundamental underlying principle of the I Ching.

In this philosophy, the two opposing forces of light and dark, positive and negative, male and female, are not mutually exclusive, but are in a continual cosmic dance of ebb and flow, manifesting as the continual change that we see in all things.

At the outset, the Book of Changes was a collection of linear signs to be used as oracles. In antiquity, oracles were everywhere in use; the oldest among them confined themselves to the answers yes and no. In the Book of Changes, Yes was indicated by a simple unbroken line ___ , No by a broken line _ _

However, the need for greater differentiation seems to have been felt at an early date, and the single lines were combined in pairs. To each of these combinations a third line was then added. In this way the eight trigrams came into being.

These eight trigrams were conceived as images of all that happens in heaven and on earth. At the same time, they were held to be in a state of continual transition, one changing into another

Heaven, the Creative
Lake, the Joyous
Fire, the Clinging
Thunder, the Arousing
Wind, the Gentle
Water, the Abysmal
Mountain, Keeping Still
Earth, the Receptive

These eight trigams were then paired to give 64 Hexagrams which were portrayed in a wheel:–

The I Ching in Human Design

In 1987, the I Ching re-emerged in the Human Design System, a teaching based on a series of Revelations given to a man known as Ra Uru Hu during a mystical encounter while living on the island of Ibiza.

Ra describes the ‘Encounter with the Voice’ in this remarkable video:–

Ra Uru Hu — Encounter with the Voice

Human Design Series 1:– Cumberland Academy Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

1. Human Design, I Ching and the 64 gate precessional cycle

2. I Ching, Human Design and the 9-Centered Being

3. Human Design, The Yuga Cycle and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Human Design Series 2:– Human Design Basics

1. Defined and Open

Human Design Main Page:–

The Human Design System

About the authors:–

We are the co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and ‘Ascension’ or Frequency Shift

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